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23rd May 2019

10 Dublin Influencers Who Are Proper Sound In Real Life

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

It’s been a tricky year for Influencer Marketing.

Bloggers Unveiled changed the way we thought about the business of blogging. But what started out as a project to ensure bloggers and influencers were following ASAI guidelines soon turned into a toxic and negative account that seemed to bash people at any opportunity.

We were constantly being shown the fails, mistakes and questionable qualities of influencers across the country – things turned sour very quickly.

With the festive season well and truly here, let’s spread some positivity.

At the end of the day, bloggers are business men and women, they’ve taken a step away from a conventional lifestyle and they’ve been able to make it work – look, fair play to them.

I go to events every night of the week in my job and more often times than none, it’s flocked with influencers. Some of course, are not as joyful and friendly as one would hope but most are actually lovely.

Here’s some sound people who I’ve met along the way that I wish were my full-time mates:

1. Anouska

I’ve met Anouska on numerous occasions and out of everyone, she’s the one I actually feel like I’ve become proper friends with.

She’s an insanely passionate and super talented and I get a little buzz of inspiration when I’m around her.

The first time I met her she had such presence, all eyes were on her but she was so chill and friendly.

She’s a top-class gal.


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How wonderful to be in London during a heatwave ???????????? ????????I live for summer. I live for wearing barely anything at all. This is what feels best. ??

A post shared by ? N O U S K ? (@anouskapb) on

2. Tara Povey

Something that’s key for me is if I meet a blogger at one event, that I’ll feel comfortable approaching them to say hello at another.

This is exactly how it is with Tara Povey.

Tara’s a sweetheart, she’s just a normal gal – there’s no notions about her.


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I’m back to rainy Dublin again. But I’m still channeling the beachy Maldives vibes. My hair still has the sea salt in it from the boat trip to the airport. Sad to say goodbye to @robinsonclub Maldives but ready to start getting into festive mode in the winter weather. Wearing my Beautiful World necklace by @bybiehl and my fav @figleavesofficial swimsuit. #whereistara #tarastraveltribe #robinsonclubmaldives #visitmaldives #bybiehl #gift #friendsoffigleaves

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3. James Patrice

James Patrice is a lovely bloke.

He’s got a great energy and positivity about him and seems like really good craic.

I’ve only ever met him briefly, but every time he’s been a delight.


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Do I look like I’m taking a feckin’ confirmation picture to show off me new coat? YEP ????

A post shared by James Patrice (@james_patrice) on

4. Sarah Hanrahan

What I like about Sarah is she’s super real, there’s no “OMGGG HIIIIIII” with her – she’s just really down to earth.

It seems like she’s someone who doesn’t feel the need to suck up to anyone, she’s just herself – like it or not.

She’s also really interesting and has a lot to say which is a winner in my books.



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A post shared by Sarah Hanrahan????????Dublin Events (@i_come_undone) on


5. Ciara O Doherty

Ciara’s a good chick.

She always replies to messages which is so important. If an audience is supporting you, you need to make sure you show appreciation, which she does.

She’s very approachable too.



6. Laura Young

Laura lays it all out – from bodily functions to beauty. She’s always honest, open and real.

In person, she’s just the same.


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???? Throwback to Kerry when I had to hide the fact that I was suffering from what I refer to as ‘hangover-diarrhoea’. (‘Hangover-diarrhoea’ is when you’ve consumed alcohol and your stomach gives you grief the entiiiiiiire next day as payback. You are welcome ???????????)

A post shared by Laura Young ???? (@lauras_views) on

7. Aoife Dooley

Aoife is absolutely gas.

She’s super chatty, so friendly and great craic.


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I actually wish I was this tanned all the time ???? I can’t go back pale!!!

A post shared by Aoife Dooley (@aoife_dooley) on

8. Tara Makeup

When I met Tara we were at an event and she brought her mam along as her plus one, which is beyond cute.

She was super nice, really polite and down to earth.

Also let’s just take a moment for how beautiful she is.


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Celebrating 4 years of #pippasfashionfactory !!! Day 1 ready to go!!!

A post shared by Tara Makeup (@tara_makeup) on

9. Gastro Gays

There’s no one else I’d rather have a dinner party with than these two.

Russell and Patrick are the definition of foodies so I could literally talk to them for hours.

They’re so fun to be around and just the nicest guys, not to mention insanely talented.


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*clicks heels three times, wishing this was our dining table* ???? Love these photos of us us which were taken for our interview in the current issue of @irishcountrymag! We’re still on the shelves up and down the country talking all about the past 5 years of GastroGays and alllll about #ChewTheFat too (new episode our this AM too…all about @blasnaheireann!)! Grab a copy ???? ???? @philldoylephotography/Irish Farmers Journal

A post shared by Patrick + Russell (@gastrogays) on

10. James Kavanagh

I asked around the office about this list and one name that popped up continuously was the wonderful James Kavanagh.

I’ve never met him myself, but I’ve only ever heard great things so he has to be a part of this list.

He’s so enjoyable to watch online and I’ve been told he’s super professional, always great on shoots and really confident (without being a d*ck about it).



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Good vibes all round!

Have missed out on any?

HEADER IMAGE: @i_come_undone @gastrogays

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