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17th Nov 2020

13 of the best spots to get an indulgent hot chocolate in Dublin this winter

Sarah Finnan

Hot chocolate in Dublin

Best hot chocolate in Dublin. Bet your ears perked up at that one, didn’t they? If you’re on the hunt for a good hot cup of cocoa, then read on as I’ve rounded up some of my top picks. 

Hot chocolate season is probably one of my most favourite seasons of all. A warm hug in a mug, it helps to put even the worst days into perspective and is a very handy hand warmer when out on your daily 5km loop.

On par with a good cuppa, it’s been known to edge the upper hand depending on the chocolate/topping combo. Dublin pubs, cafes and restaurants have been upping their games when  it comes to the chocolatey treat and I’ve rounded up 13 of the best hot chocolates to be found in this fair city.

So, in no particular order…

57 the Headline

If you like your hot choc with more of an adult kick to it, the new offering from 57 the Headline is sure to be riiiiight up your alley. Home to many a tasty creation, their salted caramel and Baileys hot chocolate is the perfect companion for a long lockdown stroll.


Now open at a second location in Portobello, Vice serves up a Malteaser’s hot chocolate that is the stuff of dreams. We’re big fans of their Claddagh ring-inspired takeaway cups too.

Honey Truffle Kitchen 

Indulge your inner pirate and go for the Kraken black spiced rum hot chocolate from Honey Truffle Kitchen. We had our doubts but the combination works. Topped with chocolate shavings and Irish cream for added oomph.

Metro Café

Sticking to the tried and tested mini marshmallows/flake combo, the guys at Metro Café know how to nail a classic. Michael Bublé is also very necessary this time of year.


Nutella hot chocolate. That is all.


The dictionary definition of indulgent,  the hot chocolate offering from Ladurée is literal liquid chocolate. Extremely decadent and extremely delicious – it could probably be considered a whole meal in and of itself.

The Sweetest Thing

Closed for renovations at the minute, make sure The Sweetest Thing is on your list for when it reopens because you’re not going to want to miss out. Let thoughts of this cookies and cream hot chocolate keep you going until then.

The Paddock’s

Count yourself very lucky if The Paddock’s is within your 5km route. Everything on their menu is insta worthy though their Wispa hot chocolate deserves special mention. Drool-worthy, I think you’ll agree.


If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, eh? Masters of chocolate, Butler’s is always a safe bet for a tasty hot chocolate. And with countless different flavours to choose from (including peppermint, chilli and white chocolate ), you’re bound to find one that takes your fancy.

Cocoa Atelier

Available for takeaway from Dollard and Co., this one comes topped with handmade marshmallows and you can’t get much better.

Clement & Pekoe

Treat yourself to a hot chocolate from Clement & Pekoe and you’ll be handed a cup of hot milk and a chocolate lollipop – the novelty of which is never lost on me. Entertaining and delicious.

Le Chocolat de Fred 

Anything that starts with a chocolate fountain tap can only be good and that’s exactly how the guys at Le Chocolat de Fred make theirs.

Three Twenty 

And for the absolute Mount Everest of hot chocolates, I present this ooey, gooey creation from Three Twenty. That’s a scoop of marshmallow fluff, just FYI.

As always do let me know if there any others I should test out… I’m more than willing to oblige in the name of research.

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Header image via Instagram/Three Twenty Ice Cream Lab/The Sweetest Thing 

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