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28th May 2021

Sushi Burritos are the newest addition to the Dublin food scene and we’re intrigued

Brian Dillon

Sushi Burritos are the newest addition to the Dublin food scene and we're intrigued

Sushi = good. Burritos = good. Sushi Burritos? Tell me more…

Sushi Burritos have arrived on the Dublin food scene and we’re very intrigued.

Recently, Sumaki opened on Dublin’s Parliament Street, serving up an unreal food and drink experience for us to enjoy at home and eventually, in their stunning new restaurant. Described as Dublin’s ‘newest Asian inspired hybrid food’, the restaurant has been making waves in the Dublin food scene as of late, and there is one particular dish that you may have come across on your social media. That is their Sushi Burrito.

Fusing the beloved Mexican dish with Asian inspiration, it makes for a truly unique eating experience.

How it works: You first choose whether you want it served in a seaweed wrap with white rice, or if you would like it in a poké bowl with white or brown rice. You can also get it in a salad bowl with lettuce, spinach or kale.

Then, you choose your protein, with the options of salmon, grilled salmon, fillet beef, grilled chicken, shrimp tempura, boiled shrimp or tofu available.

Like any burrito bar, you then get to decide what else goes on to suit your own liking. You choose three vegetables (such as beetroot, jalapeno, edamame and purple potato), choose two toppings (such as avocado, diced mango and pinto beans), choose your ‘crunchies’ (such as furikake, meat floss and sesame seeds) and finally, your sauce, for which your options are mango, mayo, miso, sriracha mayo, sweet soya, teriyaki and wasabi mayo.

Once you’ve created your ultimate Sushi Burrito, it’s time to tuck in. Sumaki is available for collection by ordering on their website, or you could just drop into their restaurant on Parliament Street.

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Header image via on Facebook.