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20th Dec 2016

The 5 Best Spots For Gluten Free Treats And Cakes In Dublin


Yeah yeah, we know technically cutting out gluten makes you healthier… But what if you still want to eat bread, pasta and treats just without the added gluten?

You’ve probably sat through far too many meetings where sambos or pastries were provided with a hungry, grumbling tummy. Oh, the injustice of it all!

So next time you need a sugar fix, a quick brekkie or snacks for later, swing by one of these places for some suitable treats!


One of the best places for coffee in the city, you can pick up some sweet sweet caffeine (or matcha!), and grab a gluten free cake slice to go.

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Antoinette’s Bakery

A completely gluten-free bakery with everything from cookies to brownies, sausage rolls to madeira cakes. You can also get cakes made to order, like this beaut of a gluten free wedding cake below…

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Wall and Keogh

Any coeliacs in the vicinity of Portobello will be delighted to discover that you can get gluten free caramel slices, fruit scones and so much more here!

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Practically everything on offer is gluten free here – whether you’re in the mood for buckwheat pancakes, banana and pecan muffins or white chocolate brownies. Diet starts tomorrow, yeah?

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Cracked Nut

You never know exactly what the gluten free cakes of the day might be at Cracked Nut, but they’re always delicious. Their raw caramel slices are also amazing, and suitable for paleos too!


Gluten free cacao and fresh raspberry tart

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