The Garlic Dip Guide reveals their top 10 garlic dips in Dublin

By Garlic Dip Guide

November 28, 2022 at 12:55pm


What did we ever do without garlic dip?


Garlic Dip Guide or @garlicdipguide on Instagram has been doing god's work since February 2021 when they began reviewing the various garlic dips available in Dublin. As anyone who is a fan of the condiment will know, not all garlic dips are created equal, and there's a lot of room for error. So when a quality garlic dip is found, you must cherish it (and better still, shout it from the rooftops for your fellow garlic dip enthusiasts).

Without further ado, Garlic Dip Guides takes Lovin through the top 10 garlic dips in Dublin.

10. Base Wood Fired Pizza

Locations: Terenure, Ballsbridge, Stillorgan, Lucan, Glenageary, Drumcondra, Castleknock

Score: 8/10

Base is known for being the GOAT pizza in Dublin and their garlic dip certainly helps their reputation. The consistency is light and they’ve almost found the perfect strength but the garlic taste leaves your mouth seconds after having it. The hardcore garlic dip lovers may crave a thicker and stronger dip but there’s no doubt this dip is one of the best around. Light, smooth and fresh, this dip is an easy choice for all garlic dip fans. It comes with all sides and you can buy it separately for €1.50.

9. Fired Up

Locations: Goatstown, Rathfarnham

Score: 8.5/10

Yes that is Clonakilty black pudding on a pizza and yes this dip is class. A lot of you have told me to check out Fired Up’s garlic dip the past few months and after tasting it I definitely wish I'd gone sooner. This dip comes in a massive tub and is smooth and creamy with a great garlic taste and surprisingly good strength. Not that it needs to be said either but their wood fired pizza is unreal too, possibly one of the best in Dublin. I’ll definitely be going back for some more dip. It’s €1.50 for a great sized tub.

8. Cinnamon

Locations: Monkstown, Ballsbridge, Ranelagh


Score: 9/10

I didn’t even know Cinnamon did garlic dip as it wouldn’t be a common breakfast or lunch delicacy but I was pleasantly surprised by their offering. This dip was unreal and even smells amazing. It was so thick and resembled a garlic butter more so than a garlic mayo. The consistency was light and it had the perfect strength in my opinion. I’m giving this a nine as it was just pure class and so unique. I paired it with sweet potato fries, always a great combo. I’ll definitely be getting this again and I think it was only 50c.

7. NoLita

Location: George's Street

Score: 9/10

I’ve had this dip before but I wasn’t in review mode back then; it was pre-Garlic Dip Guide. However, I don’t remember it being this good. This dip had a beautiful garlic taste that gave me the exact strength I wanted. You could still taste the garlic for around half an hour after but it didn’t give you garlic burn. The consistency was thick and creamy even though it looked like it wouldn’t be. Once I dipped the pizza in, the dip stayed intact on the slice.

There was no hints of other flavours at all - just garlic. Sometimes it’s a bit alarming when a dip is just white as it may be mostly mayo but there was plenty of garlic to be found here. This was one of four pizzas that I got on a platter so don’t judge me. It had no cheese to cater for lactose intolerance but it was still pretty bussin' all the same. The dip was free as I specially requested it and if you’re ever in @nolitadublin be sure to do the same.

6. Barry & Browne

Location: Carrickmines 

Score: 9/10

I was not anticipating this garlic dip to be one of the best I’ve ever had. Considering it’s right beside @thevanillapodeatery I thought their dips would be the same but boy was I wrong; they’re both unreal in their own ways. The garlic in this dip had the perfect strength - it didn’t give me garlic burn - but I could still slightly taste it for a few hours after. The texture was the chunkiest dip I’ve had so far and it really complemented the flavours.

The combination of herbs, garlic and the texture made this garlic dip a top contender for me; I devoured it by dipping in sweet potato fries and my “Buffalo Bill” ciabatta. If you are looking to have an unbelievable breakfast or brunch paired with one of the best garlic dips you’ll ever have then go to @barryandbrowne ASAP! Make sure to ask for the garlic dip as it doesn’t have an individual price for it on the menu.

5. The Lab


Location: Thomas Street

Score: 9/10

Well ladies and gentleman, it looks like we have another top contender for one of the best garlic dips in Ireland. @the.lab.dublin’s garlic dip was so strong that I could still taste it at the end of the new Batman film, which I saw immediately after eating this. Its texture is both thick and rich and there’s a variety of different flavours that blend incredibly well. I got hints of pepper and a minty taste too which really complimented the garlic surprisingly.

Their pizza is also unreal and is the crispiest wood-fired pizza I’ve had so far. I got the “Fat Hawaiian” which contained pineapple, mango, and bacon and it was one of the best pineapple pizzas I’ve ever had. You also cut your pizza yourself; there are small pizza-cutters on the island so you can cut it how you like it. Their dip is €1.50 and they give you a lot of it so if you're ever in town, do yourself a favour and check it out!

4. Griolladh

Locations: Thomas Street, Malahide, Arnotts

Score: 9.5/10

Griolladh’s electric pink garlic dip is absolutely godly. Perfect consistency, texture, strength, and balance of flavours. And to top it all off, it’s pink as well! The colour does not change the taste at all so I think it must just be food colouring as I didn’t taste anything different in the dip.

It’s no surprise why @griolladh are so successful and have multiple locations around Dublin. Dipping a toastie in this dip is pure heaven and next time I’ll be getting the garlic dip in the toastie as well. If you value your love for garlic dip then you have to try this one ASAP!

3. Goats Gruff

Location: Strawberry Hall, Strawberry Beds

Score: 9.5/10

@goatsgruffdublin has been one of the most highly recommended garlic dips since I set up this page and I finally made the journey to try it! I was surprised to see how popular it was when I arrived, there was a queue of at least 20 cars waiting to get their sandwiches, but now I know why. This may be the one of the strongest garlic dips I’ve had so far and the dip was huge too. I could still taste it for at least two hours after eating it. The texture was thick and creamy with little garlic granules in it and was so smooth.


The combination of flavours gave you a heavy garlic taste with thick mayo to deliver a creamy flavour. The sandwiches are also delicious; the one pictured is the “Hey Pesto!”. I know I’m praising Goats Gruff on all levels but I honestly can’t see any fault here. Their popularity is a testament to how amazing their food is and I know they do pizzas after 4:30pm too which I will definitely be coming back for! If you are shopping in Liffey Valley or are around the Strawberry Beds area do your tastebuds a favour and stop by! (Although you may have to come early or book in advance). The dip was only €1.50 for a huge portion.

2. The Back Page

Location: Phibsborough

Score: 9.5/10

This has to be one of the most popular garlic dips in Dublin considering the amount of DM’s I’ve gotten telling me to try it. I am honoured to say that it is an absolutely incredible garlic dip; I don’t know how it’s possible to make this dip better because it has it all. Firstly, it had a perfect strength that had me tasting garlic for at least two hours after. Secondly the texture was so on point, expertly crafted. Finally the balance of flavours is spot on and even includes some blue cheese in it. It looks and tastes exactly how you’d expect a perfect garlic dip to be like.

The pizza was unreal too, and the dip paired with it perfectly, costing just €2 for a huge portion. Head on down to Phibsborough and you won’t be disappointed!

1. Little Richards Wood Fired Pizza

Location: Skerries

Score: 9.5/10

Another top contender for one of the best Garlic Dips I’ve ever had in Dublin. @littlerichardswoodfiredpizza has a case not just for one of the best garlic dips in Ireland, but one of the best wood fired pizzas too. The dip was just beautiful and had the perfect texture that I’ve been looking for - it was both thick and creamy yet not too heavy on the stomach. The strength was exactly what I desired too. It was strong enough that if you took a big dunk from it you would taste a lot of garlic but it wasn’t so overpowering that you would have garlic burn in your mouth for hours.

Finally, the combination of flavours was mixed exquisitely. I was told there was some truffle oil and black olives in it too which gave it a nice bite that blended so well with the garlic and mayo. I have to say, I haven’t had a garlic dip this good in a while and it’s well worth the trip to Skerries to check it out! It was €1.50 for the dip and I absolutely got more to take home with me. The pizza was unreal and so soft which was perfect for dipping into the garlic. I can’t wait to go back!

Header images via Instagram/garlicdipguide

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