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25th Nov 2022

The Big Romance to take over the former Dice Bar in Smithfield

Katy Thornton

big romance bar

The rumours are true…


Big news today. Huge! The Big Romance is officially teaming up with Whiplash Brewery and reopening the former Dice Bar in Smithfield. They took to Twitter today to confirm the news of what will now be called Fidelity Bar. Dice bar closed down for good in 2020.

They said this in their announcement tweet:

“We are so excited to reveal that we’ve been given the keys to one of the best pubs in Dublin, the former Dice Bar at 79 Queen St. in Smithfield. This historic building has long been one of our favourite pubs & we’re honoured to take on such a cultural space.”

In the thread that followed The Big Romance said that Fidelity bar will be a place for amazing sounds, incredible beers, and delicious cocktails. And would you believe that the opening of Fidelity bar is just phase one of their plan for this iconic building. If we’re lucky we could get as many phases as are in the MCU right now.

The Big Romance has set up a Twitter for Fidelity bar and in their opening tweet they reveal just how seriously they take the beer-drinking experience.

Taking everything we’ve learned from running a bar and brewing craft beer, our aim was to bring this to a new space that also encompassed our deep appreciation of music and the culture that surrounds it. As such everything in Fidelity is custom designed. We have a bespoke system from Hatchett Sound and our manifold pouring system ensures precise pressure and temperature to give you the best pour possible.”

The best part? Fidelity bar is set to be up and running sometime in December.

Header images via Twitter/BigRomanceBar & Instagram/dicebardublin

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