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20th Dec 2016

The Top 10 Meals Around A Fiver In Dublin For When Money Is Tight


Looking for lunch on the cheap? We’ve got you covered.

This was actually a really hard list to put together, because most meals that are about €5 tend to be fast food and it’s hard at first glance to find a list of filling, nutritious meals for that price.

However, once we started thinking about it we realised there are many great options to choose from when money is tight.

10. Ray’s Pizza

We wanted to avoid a list of just fast food, but you can’t deny that a slice of pizza, chips and a drink for under a fiver will fill you up big time. Ray’s Pizza has two locations, one in Temple Bar and one on Harcourt Road where you can avail of this meal deal.


9. Oxmantown

Oxmantown is known for being one of the best cafés in Dublin, serving up delicious fresh and nutritious meals every day. Their salad boxes are only €5, and if you’re really pinched for cash you could get one of their filling soups for just €3.50.


8. Burritos & Blues

You can get the Diet Burrito in Burritos & Blues every day for €4.15 which is definitely the most guilt free burrito that you could hope to eat. Alternatively, on Mondays you can buy any burrito on the menu for just €5. It’s a full meal in a wrap so it’s sure to fill you up.


7. The Buttery

So this is definitely a bit of a random one, but when it comes to eating a good, hearty meal then your best bet is hitting your nearest university as colleges usually serve full meals at subsidised prices. In the Buttery in Trinity College you can choose from many different meal options, including their dinner special, for under a fiver.


6. Fumbally

While some of the specials in the Fumbally can be expensive, they do have some great deals on their menu every day. You can get their scrambled eggs (served all day), avocado on toast, falafel wrap or soup for just €5. Best of all you’re eating something healthy that has been made with quality ingredients, which is often hard to find when you have just a fiver in your pocket.


5. Credo

Okay so I know Credo on Montague Street is known for their pizza, but if you pop in at lunchtime you can get their daily pasta special for €5, yesterday the specials were Fettuccine con Broccoli and Rigatoni Arrabiata which sounded pretty delightful to me.


4. Soup Dragon

Soup Dragon on Capel Street serves up wraps and sandwiches for under €5. Surprisingly the soup costs more at €5.30, but is very hearty (think dahl, bean soup etc) with a side of bread and a piece of fruit. Pretty good for a full nutritious meal. You could also get one of their take away salads for just €4. This is definitely a place to add to your list, whether you’re counting the pennies or not.


3. Havanas Tapas Bar

We heard about this spot via Eat For A Fiver and were pretty thrilled to hear that on Mondays you can get a full plate of paella for €5 at Havanas Tapas Bar on Georges Street. You can choose from either chicken chorizo or seafood paella, this is definitely where I’ll be hitting on Monday after a busy weekend.


2. The Noodle House

The Noodle House on Wexford Street sells boxes of noodles for a fiver. You can choose from a number of boxes such as Satay Chicken Noodles, Sweet Box, Honey Soy Chicken and Vegetable Noodles for your €5. Best of all, you’ll definitely have quelled your hunger by the time you reach the end of the box.



We had to give the number one spot to IKEA in Dublin, where you can get a whole host of dishes for peanuts. This is, of course, a bit out of the way for most people who aren’t in the market for flat-packed wardrobes, but you can get Swedish meatballs with mashed potato and sauce for just €4.30. If you have the time and the inclination, you can go in the morning and get a full cooked breakfast for €2.50 or a bacon roll for just €1.50. An unlikely but great place to visit when you’re seriously strapped for cash!


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