This Dublin Illustrator Creates Deadly Doodles & We Are Insta-Obsessed

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My Instagram feed is usually polluted with food, travel, makeup and dogs, so when I come across a quirky Instagram account that I like I can't help but shout it from the rooftops.

This year for Valentines Day one of our fave creative stores in Dublin, Designist, sent us a rake of deadly cards. One in particular however, stood out for me and I nabbed it before anyone else could, not that I even had a Valentine, I just adored it and wanted it for my room. (I know, I'm sad!) It said "You're My Cupán Bae" and as a Gaeilgeoir who loves puns this had me sold.

Thus began my love affair with the designs and illustrations of Stephen Heffernan.

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Based in Dublin, Heffernan tends to include his Irish-ness in many of his doodles and we are living for it. He uploads daily and most of his posts are simply genius.

From chicken fillet rolls to iPhones, I'm utterly obsessed with these illustrations, in fact I'm tempted to print them all out and stick them all over my room.

Heffernan is part of creative collective, Peachy Dublin, who put on art exhibitions, music and creative events in the city, usually for charity - So that's where you'll find him offline.

You'll find his work often in Designist and Jam Art Factory.

He also prints t-shirts and I'm only dying to get my hands on one, can relate far too much:

Time to pimp your Insta-feed with some whopper illustrations - You're welcome.

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