40 things on the Lovin team’s Christmas List this year

By Lovin Dublin

November 29, 2022 at 9:04am


Christmas is coming and the Lovin Dublin team are a-drafting their Christmas lists

If you are in need of some Christmas present inspiration, look no further than the Lovin team's carefully crafted list of items they dearly want. With a focus on class Irish companies, there should be something for everyone on this list, from cardies to hand-poured candles.

40. Anything from Laura Callaghan Illustration


I've been following Laura Callaghan's Illustration on Instagram for a good while now and have been after anything that she produces. Shying away from the sometimes vague and fay designs associated with traditional illustrators, Callaghan's is sharp, highly graphic and crisp. Her work covers themes and subject matter that represent lived experiences by real bodies. One of her latest designs is a t-shirt with a "modern interpretation of Lady Godiva...by way of Christy Moore" on the front.

You can find Laura Callaghan on Instagram

39.  Spiral Coups from Oast 


For all the sophisticated dinner parties I'm sure I'll start having any day now, these glasses from Irish, female-owned design business Oast are a must. I also wouldn't say no to one of their speckled enamel salad bowls or colourful braided mirrors - all of which you can peruse HERE.

38. Honey Drip Christmas Jumper


As an avid fan of small business Honey Drip, I'm always excited to see a new launch from them. While you may think that getting a Christmas jumper on Christmas day is too little too late, I'd beg to differ. These Christmas sweatshirts are class (the Elf one is my personal fave) and unlike most sweatshirts these days, they're reasonably priced at €26 a pop.

You can check out the new collection, as well as their tote bags and bucket hats HERE

37. Satin pillowcase


Ayup curly girls. If unruly knots were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas. Sadly they’re not, so the next best gift I can hope to receive is a satin pillow. If you know you know. These pillow cases have tons of benefits on top of helping keep the mop untangled and are definitely worth the investment this Christmas.

In the market for a silk pillow case? You can find them from Irish brand Silks. 

36. Dublin Cookery School 4-week course 


I'm a divil for a course, you just need to have a look at my house which is strewn with handmade pots, lumps of stained glass and mismatched hand-turned furniture. Especially during this time of year, when the dark cold evenings pull me towards the couch with the power of a magnet, I need a course. I'd consider myself to be a pretty accomplished home cook and baker but there's always room for improvement. The 4-week course in Dublin Cookery School is aimed at everyone from beginners and accomplished amateur cooks. This is a bit of a pie-in-the-sky gift as it's a full-time four-week course and is on the pricier end, but you can't blame a gyal for trying.

35. A fleece from Sew It Seams 


Nostalgic prints, cute button fastenings and cosy fabrics, I'm obsessed with pretty much all the offerings from Galway biz Sew it Seams. Ideal for walks, coffee dates, chillin - this is Ireland to be fair, I don't think I really need to convince you on the benefits of a good, warm fleece.

Check them out HERE.

34. Flo Illustrate Print 


I got put onto this incredible Irish designer a few years back when a friend gifted me some of her work. Since then, Flo Illustrate has teamed up with H&M, a huge accomplishment and a token to the incredible work she does. While commissions are currently closed, Flo Illustrate currently has loads of prints and greeting cards, any of which I'd be delighted to receive for Christmas.

You can check out all the prints and greeting cards for sale HERE

33. Natural deodorant


After using traditional deodorants for years, I find myself questioning what exactly is in those heavily scented aerosol sprays. As a result, I'm popping a natural deodorant from Vico down on my Christmas list this year. Produced in Ireland, they have some great all-natural scents that are made without aluminium and parabens.

Cruelty free and vegan, what's not to love about Vico? Check out their products HERE.

32. A jumper from Pearl Reddington 


I discovered Pearl Reddington's work in the depths of lockdown, her knits fused old Irish practices with modern colours and designs. Her knits are a great example of slow fashion, quality raw materials, expertly made that will last the test of time. Designed in Dublin and knit in Kilcar, Donegal, using 100% Merino wool spun in Donegal. Reddington has a great range of products from jumpers for kiddies, hats, scarves and cardies, in a range of stunning tones.

Jumpers start at Є220 you can find Pearl Reddington on Instagram and on her site

31.  Candle from D8 Design Co


If the various lockdowns taught us anything, it's that life can be enhanced significantly by lighting the Good Candle, and they don't get much good-er than the offerings from D8. Inspired by Irish heritage and experiences and poured into substantial, made-with-love pots, you can also buy refills so really, they're a gift for life.

Check them out HERE.


30. Nutri Bullet


I can't help but think what a smoothie queen I would be if I just had a Nutri Bullet. I know I'm about 8 years late to the trend, but the more I think about it, the more I want one. Do you know how many TikTok recipes I can't achieve because I'm missing a Nutri Bullet (basically all of them). Although I've dabbled with purchasing one myself, it really isn't the kind of thing you just randomly buy of a Tuesday, which places it firmly on my Christmas wishlist.

You can purchase a Nutri Bullet at Currys, DID, Harvey Norman, and more. 

29. Pre-loved bike from Frontline Bikes


Having recently moved out of town to the countryside, I'm in the market for a bike. Frontline Bikes is an incredible social enterprise bike shop, that helps people with addiction problems to retrain and reintegrate into society. They loving repair modern and vintage bikes, giving them a second lease of life.

Check out all that Frontline Bikes does HERE


28. LIA Headband


I'm a sucker for a headband, especially over the Christmas period when the boundaries of hair washing need to be pushed. What to do when a random Tuesday turns into an impromptu Christmas sess? Throw on a hairband. Even better when it's a slick hairband handmade by an unbelievable Dublin designer.

Headbands are priced at Є40 you can find LIA on Instagram  and on her site.

27. Commemorative Garda Pony tea towel from The Dirt Bird 


A moment we all, as a country should remember. The Dirt Bird is the GOAT when it comes to Christmas pressies, with wall hangings, decorative plates, prints and more inspired by iconic moments in Irish history (think Nadine Coyle revealing her DOB, Erin McGregor's voice note, etc).

Her hotly anticipated Christmas shop is open now - have a rummage HERE.

26. Kash Beauty Bundle


I have been a fan of Keilidh Cashell for years now, since she worked in Inglot and uploaded her looks to Instagram. Now she has her own brand, and as someone who owns a good few products from Kash Beauty, I can honestly say it's class. When a MUA creates a make-up brand, you just know that the quality is going to be there. So I'm putting the Signature Set from Kash Beauty onto my Christmas list for sure.

You can shop Kash Beauty online or in selected stores, including Brown Thomas. 

25. Danu ceramics


Made in Dublin Danu hand makes all their ceramics and jewellery. Mostly inspired by nature, the pieces are once-off and simple in design. A quick scroll through the website will have any jewellery lover craving one of the gorgeous Danu pieces for their own collection.

Browse the Danu website HERE.

24. A scrunchie from Aisling Kavanagh Design


TBH anything from Winner of Fashion Designer Of The Year ‘22 is good in my book, the designer has some incredible bespoke Irish hand-made accessories. I'm in a tossup between putting her hair bows and her gigantic scrunchies on my wish list this year as both of them are equally gorgeous and absolutely extra.

Scrunchies are priced at Є25 you can find Aisling Kavanagh Design on Instagram and on her site

23. T-Bar Necklace from NJO Designs 


This 90s jewellery classic has made a major comeback over the last year or so, and in my humble opinion there's not an outfit in existence that can't be enhanced by the addition of one. They can be fairly pricey, but this one from NJO Designs which is created in sterling silver and coated in a thick layer of 18ct gold isn't the worst at €185. It's also the perfect amount of chunkiness.

Browse all their bits HERE.

22. Biabelle Tan


My absolute favourite tanning brand just happens to be from Irish brand Biabelle. It gives the most incredible finish, and lasts for ages, definitely coming off less streaky and patchy than other tan brands. Biabelle feels more moisturising on the skin than the average tan too, so a bundle from them would be a great Christmas gift to receive.

Biabelle has an online shop, as well as a several in-store stockists to purchase from.

21. Tattoo Voucher


A Tattoo Voucher is a great shout for someone who won't stop talking about getting one or has set their mind on getting more. Even if getting inked isn't their thing, Heartbreak Social also do piercing, clothing and jewellery.


You can buy a physical voucher in-store or online for Heartbreak Social Club.


20. Birkenstock Tokio/Boston


Sure as dark turns to light, a trend will come along that I hate and then over time come to love and ultimately want to acquire. My brother bought Birkenstock Bostons last year and as is the family way, we all slagged him relentlessly. Now I want to swallow all the comments I made about the "clogs" and get a pair of them myself. The pair I want have shearling on the inside and will act as a kind of bridge between a slipper and the outdoor shuffler.

19. Hope Macaulay cardigan


These chunky knits are handmade to order by a small team in Northern Ireland and really speak to the Groovy Chick, Lizzy McGuire-obsessed corner of my brain. I'm weak for the cardigans but they also do the dreamiest hand-knitted handbags which, if you tried and failed to pursue a knitting career aged 8 (like myself) you might be thinking would be shapeless and unwearable, but these are the literal opposite. Cute, boxy mini bags in bold colours, they're the kind I could imagine Lizzo rocking on a red carpet somewhere.

Browse their pieces HERE.

18. Mini Zoo Glasses


One day I will hopefully be able to live out of home (maybe) and when that day comes I'm excited to fill it with cute bits and pieces, particularly mugs and glasses. Mini Zoo is a Dublin based company that makes the cutest glasses with little animals inside them, and would make a class Christmas gift.

Mini Zoo sells all sorts of animal glasses, separately and in bundles. You can check them out HERE or at the Wicklow Christmas markets. 

17. Emma’s So Naturals Candle


A local, eco-friendly alternative to Diptyque's scent of the same name. Emma has managed to capture "the essence of Christmas" with a hand-poured candle blended with cinnamon, clove and sweet orange essential oils.

If you want something that'll last beyond the Christmas season, Emma's candles come in a range of scents, including lemongrass, lavender, citrus blend, and more. You can check them out HERE

16. Necklace from Roxanne First


Typically I wouldn't have considered myself to be a bejewelled gyal, but I was gifted some class rings from my friends and family for a recent round-y birthday. As a result, I am shamefully necklace and bracelet-free, and wouldn't mind remedying that. I first spotted Roxanne First's stuff on the style kaween Angela Scanlon's Instagram and have been obsessed with the colourful personalised fun bits she puts out ever since.

Check out Roxanne's collection HERE.

15. Feather Bag from Sorcha O'Raghallaigh


Offaly-born Sorcha O'Raghallaigh has had her designs worn by Beyoncé, Madonna, Kate Moss and Lady Gaga, and hopefully if Christmas goes my way, by me too. All her pieces are glam and playful in equal measures, from the colourful crystal chokers to these ostrich feather handbags with Swarovski-studded handles. The accessories of dreams, tbqh.

Keep up with Sorcha's work HERE.

14. A Dry Robe


I tell myself every new year that I'm going to take up sea swimming, and every year I fail. But not for lack of motivation, I've realised. For lack of equipment (and okay, maybe a little lack in motivation too). If I had a decent Dry Robe, maybe I would achieve my goal, and so a Cosimac robe makes its way onto the wishlist.

There are tons of great Irish Dry Robe brands, but you can check out Cosimac HERE

13. A Print from Hen's Teeth


Hen's Teeth have a great range of prints from Irish and international illustrators, and they are always a good shout for a last-minute gift. No matter what you go for, it's bound to be super unique and quirky, and unlike a print you'll pick up anywhere else.

Hen's Teeth have just opened their Christmas Superstore for the season that's in it. 

12. A Chilly's Keep Cup 


I'm already a proud-Keep Cup touter but last Christmas I stupidly gifted my boyfriend a metal Keep Cup. Choosing a slick dishwasher-safe cup from Chilly's was a nice gift I thought. But not when it brought my tiny, glass non-dishwasher-safe cup into brutal relief. For a whole year, I've been locked in a never-ending game of Keep Cup standoff, whereby each morning I try to make off with his and he understandably tries to prevent me from doing so. While I will miss the daily thrill of competition, I wish to have a Keep Cup upgrade.

11. In Dolly We Trust print from Aoife Cawley Art 


If Derry Girls taught us anything, it's that every Irish home should have a framed picture of Dolly Parton on the wall. These ones from self-professed Celtic Bimbo Aoife Cawley come in two colour ways, and I'm eyeing up both to be perfectly honest. Check out all her work HERE.

10. Nail Voucher



As someone who gets their nails done on a monthly basis, not having to fund a trip myself would be a godsend. My nail place of choice is K Nails and I'd be over the moon to receive a voucher for there.

You can get a voucher for K Nails in-store; they have three Dublin locations. 

9. Salt robe


Irish alternative to dry robe with an array of colour options. Sea swimming is on a few of the Lovin team's resolutions it would seem, and Salt Robe do some gorgeous robes with a range of different fleece colours to make you stand out.

Salt Robes costs €140 and can be purchased on their website HERE. 

8. Three Castles Burning by Donal Fallon


As a long-time listener to Fallon's impeccable Three Castles Burning podcast, his new book is top of my Christmas list. Inspired by activists, workers, architects, poets, migrants, artists and merchants who once lived and worked in the city, Fallon traces their stories along twelve iconic Dublin streets.

7. Furry Bucket hat from Rashhiiid


Continuing with my theme of deliciously extra pressies for this wish list is this iconic faux fur hat from Rashhiiid, who you may have seen flaunting her wares on the Late Late Show. These made-to-order hats come in a range of colours but I'm personally eyeing up the pink, because I want people to be able to see me from space. Is that too much to ask?

See more of Rashhiiid's work HERE.

6. Bord Gáis Tickets


I love a trip to the theatre, it's one of my favourite pastimes. Anytime I get to go to the Bord Gáis it's such a treat, but it can be on the expensive side. Therefore I think tickets to any of the upcoming shows would be a class gift; there's already a very decent line-up for 2023, including Dirty Dancing, The Spongebob Musical, Shrek, and more.

You can purchase tickets for a show at the Bord Gáis HERE.

5.  A Body & Soul Ticket


A ticket to one of the country's most desirable festivals is on the top of my Christmas list this year. The festival kicks off on June 16th in Ballinlough Castle, Westmeath. The lineup has as yet not been released but if the last few years are anything to go by, it'll be lit.

Tickets are already one sale for Body & Soul HERE

4. Charlotte Simone coat


My buying habits have changed so much over the last few years, as the realities of the climate crisis have hit home. Where once my Christmases would have been punctuated by massive ASOS orders, my nights out dictated by new outfits and my gifts filled with jokey plastic tat. As much as possible I've tried to wear what I already have, buy secondhand or to invest in good quality timeless pieces that will last the test of time. Cue, slow-fashion designer Charlotte Simone, whose work I have been following for a while.

Simone produces her timeless 60s style coats and jackets in small batches, releasing a handful of collections each year.

3. Hoops from Don't Kill My Vibe 


The Irish-made jewellery game has been upped significantly in the last few years, and at the forefront of that is Don't Kill My Vibe, the lovechild of Dublin-based fashion designers Ciara and Niamh. Their pieces are made from recycled brass base and plated with 14ct Gold or Sterling Silver finish, and I've personally got my eye on these heart-shaped hoops priced at €30.

Browse their other pieces HERE.

2. A dog from the Dogs Trust


So my last entry is one that I'm highly unlikely to receive, but I'm putting it down anyway. A pup from the Dogs Trust would truly make my Christmas (although if you're getting ideas for yourself, only make this move if you can properly care for a pup - dogs are for life, not just Christmas!). I already sponsor a puppy playgroup, and sadly that's likely to be the way it remains for now, as I don't have my own space for a dog, but one day I'll fulfil owning my own pup. For now my puppy nephew Freddie will be the main apple of my eye.

If you're genuinely interested in sponsoring or adopting a dog, you can have a look at your options HERE

1 A Massage


As a general rule, everyone could benefit from a massage. Melt Apothecary in Temple Bar, offer vouchers for a variety of beauty, message, or acupuncture procedures. Seeing as it's rare you'd be buying one of these vouchers for yourself, I'm adding a massage from Melt Apothecary to my Christmas wishlist - you never know when a massage will be exactly what you're in need for.

You can purchase a range of wellness vouchers from Melt HERE.


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