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15th Dec 2021

6 gifts for those wine connoisseurs in your life

Katy Thornton

For those people who just can’t get enough vino!

If you have a friend or loved one who is just obsessed with wine, but you don’t know what to get them, look no further! We have a ton of options, from hampers, to classes, that will satisfy the friend who says “wine not” to everything.

1. Liath x The Chef Supper Club

The Chef Supper Club collaborated with Liath Blackrock to bring you these carefully curated wine sets.

2. Wine Lab Box

Believe in Wine Lab this Christmas to choose the right selection of wines for your Secret Santa or family member. Each box comes with a gorge JANDO card as well.

3. Lilith “Driving Home for Christmas” Hamper

If you have an abstaining pal who loves the taste of wine, then the Lilith “Driving Home for Christmas” hamper is just the ticket! It comes with three wines, some non-alcoholic beers, cocktail alternatives, and some accompanying snacks too.

4. Frank’s Hamper

For the friend who has just begun their wine journey, this is just the thing! Choose between wines, glasses, and accessories, or get a few things put together for a hamper from Frank’s.

5. Neighbourhood Wine Classes

We wrote all about Neighbourhood Wine’s intensive wine class here, but if your wine loving companion just has everything under the sun, wine not (sorry, had to) give them the gift of knowledge instead this Christmas?

6. Mae Restaurant x The French Paradox Wine Pairing Case

This beautiful wine box is born from Mae Restaurant collaborating with The French Paradox. Not only can you guarantee that the wine will be of top notch condition, it’s packaged in this stunning pine wooden box, for all your fancy wine pals.

We hope you find something suitable for any wine connoisseurs in your life!

Header image via Instagram/the_french_paradox

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