Beloved nightclub TRAMLINE announce closure 'with great regret and sadness'

By Katy Thornton

July 6, 2023 at 10:07am


Truly the end of an era.

It's a very sad week for Dublin nightlife as cult favourite spot TRAMLINE took to Instagram on Wednesday (July 5) to announce the news of their closure.

The D'Olier Street venue was somewhat of an institution for the people of Dublin; it was a music venue, a place for events, as well as a nightclub, in a city that is haemorrhaging nightlife spots at an alarming rate.

"Yet another one of Ireland's nightclub's dance floors has held its last dance."


TRAMLINE released a lengthy statement explaining the reasons behind their closure.

"It is with great regret and sadness that we announce the closure of TRAMLINE. The pandemic together with the costs now associated with running a business in Ireland in broad terms are the reason for this regrettable decision today.

"TRAMLINE as a venue has brought great happiness to thousands of teenagers, young adults and older rockers at our live shows over the last seven years! We'd like to thank all our staff, management, DJ's, bands, performers and contractors that have worked with us to make it such a fantastic venue.

"Nightlife & Dance have been a crucial element of growing up in Ireland that has helped the development of relationships and promoted real social interaction. It's been a rite of passage for so many but now unfortunately yet another one of Ireland's nightclub's dance floors has held its last dance.


"We would like to thank Give Us the Night for their relentless campaigning to implement change at Government level over the last two decades. The failure of successive governments to reform both licensing and the insurance industry price gouging practices has made a great business unviable in today's economy.

We would also like to thank all our suppliers and commercial partners for their support and we look forward to working with them on new projects in the future."

The sad news of TRAMLINe becoming another nightclub we have had to witness the closure of comes on the back of statistics that shows 90% of Irish clubs have disappeared in the last two decades.

Header images via Instagram / TRAMLINE



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