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20th Dec 2016

The 7 best recipe recreations from our awesome community of Lovin Dubliners


The best thing about Lovin Dublin is the wonderful community of eager foodies and lovers of this city, all eager to get cooking at home, trying new things and eating out, making Dublin a better place for everyone and raising our status to that of Berlin or NYC.

As you’ve been going to great lengths to recreate Niall’s super simple recipes at home, we’ve been watching in awe as you’ve added your own quirks here and there, taking wonderful snaps and sharing them all on social media, creating the most exciting environment for Dublin foodies. Here’s 7 that we’ve particularly enjoyed thus far.

1. Holy Shitballs Protein Balls

2. Delicious no carb stir fry courtesy of #lovinDublin receipe

3. Mr. FFID made lunch following #LovinDublin’s recipe. Very tasty! #dublin #ireland

4. Mouthwatering Meatballs

5. Arse-kicking cashew nut stir fry

6. Pancake Tuesday

7. Crazy Quesadillas