The Top 10 Photos Spotted On #LovinDublin So Far This Year

We just hit 50,000 photos tagged on Instagram so decided to pick the top 10 to date


Instagram hit 400 million users last night – and we had our own little milestone, with you guys hitting the 50,000 mark for photos tagged on #lovindublin. We feature the best ones every day and it's a wonderful way to highlight the city, discover new things and join in with the community.

To celebrate both milestones we thought we'd show you 10 of the best pics we have spotted so far this year – and at the same time, remind you of why this city is hands-down one of the most beautiful on the planet.

10th. Just the lads having a lovely evening

Just the lads hanging out on a lovely evening. Spotted on #lovindublin tagged by @jolanta.gerulskyte

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9th. The gorgeous colours of the city seen from a new angle

Another cracking day. What a colourful Dublin today. Spotted on #lovindublin by @goodvybesdaily

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8th. The light shining through the door of knowledge at Trinity

A magic door at Trinity. What a shot by @rodingle spotted on #lovindublin today #LDphotooftheyear

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7th. The magic of the docks at night

6th. Our city in LEGO form

Photo of the day on #lovindublin. Look at the little baby Dublin buses!!! Tagged by @barnacleshostels

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5th. Just some quality graffiti

Quality graffiti

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4th. Early morning on Exchequer Street

Rise & shine Dublin! Great snap by @hubble25 on #lovindublin 👌🌞 #LDphotooftheyear

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3rd. Three brave souls from Mayo at a Dublin match

2nd. All about the equality

1st. What a shot. What a city.

With 50,000 photos on #lovindublin we could never feature them all – and there are tonnes of photos as good as the ones above. Keep them coming on Instagram and we'll feature one per day there to over 55,000 of our own followers.

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Niall Harbison

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