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We Went Out In Style – Our FINAL Brunch Club In Photos

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The Lovin Dublin Brunch Club returned for the last time today, and it couldn’t have had a better farewell.

We’d like to thank House’s resident caterers, The Gourmet Food Parlour for all the work they’ve put into each of our Brunch Clubs. Today they cooked up an enormous spread full of succulent sausages from Clonanny Farm, rashers and pudding form McLoughlins, bread from ÓhArtagáin and Goodness Grains, frozen yoghurt from Chilly Moo, fresh fruit from Fruit ‘n’ Fruity, cheese from The Little Milk Company and much, much more!


We’re delighted that Bulmers sponsored the Brunch Club with their new range of flavoured ciders, Forbidden Flavours. It was time for something a little edgier, so they provided their four new bottles of sweet deliciousness in a form of Cloudy Lemon, Strawberry & Lime, Juicy Pear and Berry Berry. They were truly delicious!


We were also lucky to have Aperol as one of the sponsors today. Aperol is an Italian aperitif made of bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb, and cinchona among other ingredients. It’s delicious when enjoyed as part of an Aperol spritz, or in a cocktail, and it definitely went down a treat today.


And a huge thanks to The Cupcake Bloke, Leaves Pasta, Dr Coys, 250Cal Cakes, Miena’s Irish Handmade Nougat, and Wyldsson for supplying little delicious tasters throughout the day.

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As events go, today was one not to be missed. Thanks to everyone who came, hope you enjoyed yourselves!

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