15 Dublin Establishments You've Probably Forgotten Ever Existed

By fiodhna_hm

June 3, 2017 at 3:05pm


Clubs come and go, but memories (unfortunately) stay forever.

Here are some Dublin watering holes which we felt we should dig up to remind you all of the sordid socialising you used to do around the city back when you were a little more naive and a little less wrinkly.

You're welcome.


Tribal masks, excessively large over-sized plants, tacky tunes and an all-round disorientating atmosphere. What the fuck was actually going on in this place on the Quays?

Bondi Beach Club

See above, just add sand and even tackier tunes. What the fuck was actually going on in this place on the Quays?


Now known as Lost Society, most of Dublin's noughties club kids lost their yoke virginity whilst dancing on the mantlepiece to I Feel Love at WAR.

Disclaimer: It never actually looked like this inside.

Spirit 57

Little do the youngsters of today know that before the Academy existed there was a nightclub called Spirit... and what a spirited place it was.

As one Yelp reviewer put it: "If you're looking for a nice relaxing night out, then Spirit is not the place for you."


Twisted Tuesdays was their €2 drinks night – suffice to say there are minimal memories of this place but multiple tumbles on the slippy floors. Citibar's final resting place is now the location of Trinity Bar & Venue.

Just imagine 500 drunk Trinity students crammed into this space and you'll get the picture.


On the site currently occupied by Mary's this place was called Basebar, cos it was in a basement – geddit? Far too many stairs for intoxicated people to navigate.

Photo credit.


The celeb hangout on South Frederick Street for those who were too famous – or thought they were too famous – for Lillie's.


Proper craic here in Rutland Place back in the 70s, just look at that flyer!

"Atmosphere and lighting supreme"? We're in.

Dandelion Market

Not only the location of many haggle-matches over leather jackets, but a spot where you could see some of Ireland's best musicians starting out. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre and Dandelion now inhabit this historic site.

Photo Credit.

The Dragon

It may only be gone a few months, replaced by Soder+Ko, but the 'anything goes' mantra of The Dragon is mourned by many Dublin clubbers.



A Rathmines institution: Free Tayto for anyone in a jersey? Hang sangwiches at the end of the night? #BringBackTramco


A nightclub in an old firestation on the corner of Tara Street that might have had the most, um, changeable door policy in Dublin.


The higher the BPM the better here – a nineties club classic just off Sackville Place.


Okay, so you might not have forgotten this one. But maybe you'd like to, as it would end the pain?

The original home of C U Next Tuesday and Antics, this was a little gem of a spot at the top of Harcourt Street... even if you did spend most of the night out in the smoking area.

Photo Credit.

The Olympic Ballroom

Dubbed the first real dance music club Dublin had ever seen, it's a proven fact that anyone who frequented this club on Pleasant Street in the early nineties now suffers from chronic tinnitus.

(Disclaimer: This fact has absolutely no proof to back it up.)

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