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17 Essential Things Every Student Living In Dublin Should Know

By Kelsey

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Fellow students,

Autumn has begun, hopes for the year are high, and cash is running low. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out as you dive into the school year. Read on and calm those nerves. You got this!

1. How to milk student discounts for all they’re worth

Flash your student ID, and you’ll save major dough at hair salons like the House of Colour, fun weekend spots like Kilkenny Castle, and restaurants like Mama’s Revenge. Enjoy that warm, smug feeling as you eat that €5 burrito and watch a line of others pay full price.


2. Where to study when your flatmates get rowdy before exam day

Dublin is full of quirky little cafés that are perfect for studying, like the Dwarf Jar near the Gratton Bridge. If you’re looking for something that’s open a bit later, Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge is a spacious area that’s open until 11pm. 

If libraries are more of your scene and you want to get away from campus, try the Dublin City Library or the Central Library.


3. Where to escape on weekends when you’re craving a study break

Lucky for you, even without a car, you’re surrounded by an endless number of day trip options. Bray, Powerscourt, Howth, and Kilkenny (Smithwick’s brewery tour anyone?) are all easy starter trips by bus or train. You’ll have time to sleep in, explore a new town, and be back in Dublin with plenty of time to hit the pubs at night.


4. How to ease the suckiness of Mondays

Head to Xico on Lower Baggot Street for 50% all food and drinks on Monday nights. It’ll be some of the best Mexican food you find in Dublin, and the whole place turns into a huge party as the night goes on. If your classmates aren’t at Xico on Mondays, they’re probably taking advantage of cheap pints at Dicey’s. 


5. Where to shop if you want to make mum proud without breaking the bank

Penneys and TK Maxx will be your new best friends. On a budget and need a cheap coat for winter, a coffee mug for class, or décor for your new flat? You’ll find it at either store, along with about a million other items you never knew you needed. Just TRY to walk through either of these stores only buying what’s on your shopping list. YOU WILL FAIL.


6. How to get around on a budget

A student Leap Card will pretty much get you anywhere you need to go via Luas, DART, Commuter Rail, and bus. You can also use it on Bus Éireann tickets out of town for 20% cheaper than you’d get on single cash tickets. And if you’re brave, you can even use your Leap Card for Dublin Bikes.


7. How to handle awkward flatmate situations

Have a flatmate that’s driving you absolutely crazy? Avoidance won’t help and neither will aggressive confrontation. As much as it sucks, now’s the time to learn how to confront them about issues in a respectful way and actually talk about it. Adulting aint easy.


8. Which apps you’ll absolutely need

If you’re an international student, it can be pricey keeping in touch with people at home so apps like WhatsCall are really handy. 

Transportation Apps will also be crucial - Dublin Bus, Irish Rail, and Hailo will help you get around easily both in and out of Dublin.

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9. How to take advantage of cheap Ryanair tickets

A major perk of going to school in Dublin is that it's so easy to travel to other areas, especially within Europe. You can find some ridiculously cheap Ryanair trips for less than €100 (or even €50). Why not take that trip you've been dying to go on for your birthday weekend? Just be sure to pack light, since you'll be charged for excess luggage.

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10. Where to grab coffee between class

Chances are, there's a Starbucks or Insomnia (or several) near your campus. But if you're looking to try something new check out this list for ideas.

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11. How to clean up after yourself

By this point in your life, you should know how to do your laundry and clean your dishes. No one wants to be the flatmate known for being “the mess”.

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12. How to get food delivered to your door

Deliveroo and Just Eat are two food delivery websites, perfect for those lazy days. And if you’re in need of groceries but don’t want to get out of your pajamas, Tesco will deliver to your home. Beautiful.

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13. What to do if you have an emergency or get sick

The emergency numbers to dial in Ireland are 112 and 999. These will get you in touch with fire, ambulance, and police services. If you get sick, your university most likely provides a walk-in service where you can go for a consultation at a cheaper price than you’d get elsewhere. 

If you're in a pinch, hospitals typically offer walk-in services as well. And of course, you can head to a pharmacy or supermarket for standard headache, cold, or cough medicine.

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14. How to handle the rain

Carry an umbrella everywhere you go. Wear rain boots often. Even if it looks sunny when you leave, chances are you’ll get rained on. When it’s windy, you’re better off pounding through it with a raincoat and no umbrella. And just embrace the frizzy hair.

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15. How to write a CV

Better to have it ready now, rather than scramble to put it together closer to graduation. And let's be honest... you may need it to find a part time job after spending all of that money on drinks.

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16. Where to look for a part-time job

Your university may offer some resources, such as job boards or email lists, to help you here. You can also try websites like Indeed and, or even Ireland for flexible babysitting or pet sitting gigs. Getting paid to play with adorable dogs? Yes please.

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17. Where to go to relieve stress

If your school offers a free gym membership, take full advantage to work out all of that anxiety. Otherwise, membership at FlyeFit starts at just €29/month. Ballet Barre, Reformer Pilates, and Rock Climbing are some other good options. Or, you can head over to Zest Therapies or BaanPai Thai Message to work out those kinks with a professional masseuse.

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Have any ideas that we missed? 

Share the knowledge in the comments below.


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