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20th Dec 2016

Here’s A Guide To Your Perfect Cup Of Coffee – And Where To Find Each One In Dublin


It seems that the options to get caffeinated these days are endless – how do you know whether a mocha, pour-over, flat white, filtered, etc, suits you best? 

Well, below is a list of all (well, most) coffee and espresso drinks explained, and where to get the best of ’em in Dublin. 

Flat White – Eathos

Similar to a latte, but the coffee does most of the talking, not the milk. 

Typically, a flat white contains two shots of espresso (60 ml), topped with 120 ml of steamed milk. You can find the best small and strong, creamy and yummy flat white at Eathos on Upper Baggot Street.


Filtered Coffee – 3fe

Also known as drip-brew or pour-over, filtered coffee involves a method of pouring water over roasted coffee beans.

Water then seeps through the ground coffee, absorbing its oils and flavours, then finally passes through the filter. 

I’ll take that black at 3fe, please.

Cappuccino – Coffeeangel 

A cappuccino done right would be equal amounts of espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk (about 60ml of each).

Bring on the foam, Coffeeangel. 

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Mocha – Clement & Pekoe

For those of you with a sweet tooth, this is the bev for you. 

It’s generally 60ml of espresso, 30ml of steamed milk and 60ml of chocolate – though Clement & Pekoe even lets you melt the chocolate to your liking. 

Americano – Kaph

For espresso lovers who prefer to enjoy it for longer, the Americano is the one for you. 

It’s a shot or two of espresso (30-60 ml), with twice the amount of hot water. Kaph does it best – simple and perfect. 

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Coffee Tonic – Vice

Caffeine and bubbles have finally met. This coffee drink is becoming a hit in some of the world’s more trendy cities – Dublin included. 

The concept is simple: a long shot of espresso poured over fizzy tonic water on ice. Thank you, Vice, for this beautiful introduction. 

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Latte – Proper Order Coffee

Latte art is quite popular among the best baristas, as these coffees allow for much creativity. 

Generally, one consists of 60ml shot of espresso, 300ml of steamed milk and only 2ml of foamed milk. 

In other words, a latte has the potential to be quite flavourful, fancy and may fill ye up more than the rest. Get the best ones here. 

Bulletproof – Alchemy

Butter? In your coffee? Sounds like heaven. 

Typically a cup of bulletproof contains 1-2tbsp of butter, 1-2tbsp of coconut oil, and 1-2 cups of hot brewed coffee. 

Alchemy on Grafton Street even does a little milk, cacao, cinnamon, and vanilla to top it off. 

Mmmm, mmm, good. 

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Black – Roasted Brown

Just straight-up good, brewed coffee you can find here.

A nice shop would have specialty beans such as Ethiopian, Brazilian, Costa Rican, or Mexican – all containing different aromas and flavoured notes. 

Strong, intense, beautiful. 

Cold Brew – Brother Hubbard

They say good things take time, which is so true for this unreal creation.

Normally taking around 18-24 hours, cold brew is created through a gentle infusion process, which produces a beverage with lower acidity than regular coffee. It’s naturally sweeter, and can even be served without ice, being already brewed cold. 

Brother Hubbard does it best in Dublin, without doubt. 

Italian – Coffee To Get Her

Real Italian coffee is made with the Moka Pot, also known as a macchinetta. This is a stove-top or electric coffee maker that creates its goodness by passing boiling water pressurized by steam through ground coffee.

It’s small, it’s strong, and one to slowly sip on. 

Coffee To Get Her is a spot open during the day in the Bernard Shaw, and serves the closest fix you’ll get to an authentic Italiano. 

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Espresso – LEGIT Coffee Co.

Tasty espresso starts with finely ground coffee – particles being about the size of table salt. A standard “double shot” is typically between 16-20 grams of ground coffee packed into a secure “coffee puck”, pulled from the espresso machine in pristine timing, as the hazel brown cream is released from the machine to finish off the process. 

It’s an Americano, essentially, without the extra water. 

If you haven’t had an espresso at LEGIT Coffee Co. in Dublin, go now. You won’t regret it. 

Nitro Coffee – Krüst Bakery

Straight from the tap, just like a Guinness. Nitro coffee is cold brew infused with nitrogen gas – then released through a pressurized valve with little tiny holes .

This high pressure forces the cold brew to create a steamy, stout-like effect. 

Quite complex, but quite delish. Find the best one in Dublin here

Gone are the slim pickings of just decaf or caffeinated – we’re in a complex coffee age, folks. 

Now pick your beloved cup, and get on that caffeine buzz…

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