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18th Oct 2021

You can try out the Squid Game honeycomb challenge at this Dublin cafe

Fiona Frawley

The penalty for losing is different though. You just won’t get a free coffee.

What Squid Game challenge gave you the most anxiety? Had you squirming in your seat at even the hypothetical prospect of ever having to attempt yourself? For me, it was without a doubt the glass bridge. Haunts my dreams. But one that’s easier to recreate and has arguably become the most iconic is the honeycomb challenge. There are a million TikTok tutorials for how to make your own honeycomb cookies at home, as well as in depth discussions highlighting why the star is actually easier than the triangle. Now you can give it a go yourself, right after hopping off the Luas at Stephen’s Green (you can spend the journey mentally preparing yourself).

These Hands are challenging you to their own version of the honeycomb game, needle and all. If you can free the shape from its sugary home without breaking it, well, you might not be one step closer to $40 mill but you will be one Dulce de Leche iced latte richer. And who can put a price on that? We’re not sure if you’ll be able to frantically lick the back of it or sneak in a lighter to add a bit of power to your needle. But to be fair, anything goes when there’s free coffee at stake.

Header image via Instagram/thesehandscoffee

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