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11th Feb 2022

The Lovin Round Up – Openers, Closures and everything in between

Fiona Frawley

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Welcome to the Lovin’ Round Up, a quick look at the main headlines across hospitality and culture for the past week in Dublin.

This week in Dublin we’ve gotten word of a new gelato parlour, a micro-roastery for Dublin 2 and the disappointing confirmation that Castle Market’s iconic red brick pavement will be permanently replaced with asphalt, and beige asphalt at that. Let’s get into it.

Cloud Picker to open new micro-roastery

Cloud Picker have transformed the kitchen of their D2 cafe into a micro roastery so they can focus on what they love doing most – roasting uniquely delicious speciality coffee. We covered this story in more detail HERE.

Reyna detail ‘disheartening’ blackmail attempt

In a world where restaurants rely so heavily on online reviews, one customer decided to chance their luck with the Dublin 2 kebab spot. You can read more about what happened HERE.

A new gelato parlour for Dublin 18

The new gelateria will keep the people of Stepaside in crepes, pastries and most importantly, authentic gelato. You can read all about the latest addition to the village HERE.

Tír’s second branch opened its doors on Monday

And donated all profits from their opening day to Focus Ireland. You can read all about their Hatch Street location HERE.

Dublin’s Paddy’s Day Parade will return for the first time in 2 years

And it promises to be bigger and better than ever before. Read all about it in more detail HERE.

Three Irish restaurants added to the 2022 MICHELIN Guide

Located across Galway, Cork and Waterford. Read more about the latest additions to the Michelin Guide HERE.

Castle Market’s red brick pavement to be permanently replaced with asphalt

We first saw pictures of resurfacing work taking place on Castle Market’s iconic red bricks, and later received confirmation from DCC that the bricks are to be permanently replaced with asphalt due to “significant deterioration”. More on this story HERE.

Ireland to get its first dedicated LEGO store this summer

There were a lot of people excited about the latest addition to Grafton Street – something for kids big and small to enjoy. Take a trip down nostalgia lane (which is built with Lego blocks, of course) HERE.

Same time, same place next week for a run down of Dublin’s main culture and hospitality headlines.

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