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07th Feb 2022

The Paddy’s Day Parade is back for the first time in 2 years

Katy Thornton

paddys day parade is back

If this isn’t a true sign that Dublin is healing, then I don’t know what is!

I think the Paddy’s Day Parade being cancelled in March 2020 was one of the biggest signs that coronavirus was a big deal. That something could stand in the way of such a huge tradition in Dublin perhaps made us realise that this wasn’t just going to last for two weeks as suggested. I think, just maybe, the word “unprecedented” was thrown around.

March 2021 was no better; we were in our third and longest lockdown, with little freedom beyond meeting outside. Once again, and to no one’s surprise, there was no Parade for Paddy’s Day.

Well, if anyone had any doubts about this year, they can put them to bed. Paddy’s Day 2022 is officially going ahead, and it’s got some catching up to do.

On Thursday 17th March, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade will return to the streets of Dublin, and we think it’s going to be big enough to make up for the previous two years it missed. It will be live in Dublin, and virtual around the world to be celebrated globally.

There will be events held at the National Museum of Ireland that will require pre-booking. Tickets for these will go on sale on Friday 11th February through this link.

The festivities will begin on the 16th March and continue until the 20th, with performances from artists such as Damien Dempsey, Lyra, Emma Doran, and many more.

It is truly a blessed day knowing we will celebrate Paddy’s Day properly again.

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