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08th May 2024

13 of the best places to go for an açai bowl in Dublin


‘Cos who can resist a cold lil bowl of liquid health?

While they may appear to be just another food trend, something that might go the same way as doughnuts, burritos and latterly pizza slices. These colour bowls of frozen pureed açai, topped with fresh fruit, seeds, granola and dollops of nut butter, have most of us in an absolute chokehold. Who can resist something so colourful and healthy, after all? Even those who barely manage two of their five a day can’t resist the açai aesthetic; luckily for us these Dublin spots have got the acai bowl goods.

13. Eathos

Multiple locations, more info here

The team at Eathos have not one, not two but three spots along Baggot Street, so office workers and D4-dwellers will have ample access to their bowls. Serving up a range of fresh and healthy breakfast and lunch, alongside their açai bowls. The immaculately clean and ever so slightly sterile interiors, the team also serve up a great range of gluten-free and vegan options. 

12. Urban Health

Ranelagh’s Charleston Road, more info here

While all cafes are not created equal, Urban Health is undoubtedly one of the most aesthetically pleasing spots. They’re all about good food done healthily at Urban Health, and one of their top dishes is their take on the acai bowl. Urban Health serves their bowls with frozen berries, banana, açaí powder, kiwi, coconut, chia seeds, strawberries, and granola.

11. Roots

Multiple Locations, more info here

The rootie tooties bread and butter is undoubtedly their smoothie bowl (or their fruit and nuts I guess). You can find them most regularly by the Salthill and Monkstown DART station, as well as their new spot on Drury Street. With two bowl bases, açaí and dragon fruit, the lads import them directly and blend them in-house at their production kitchen (making them super fresh when you spoon ’em into your gob).

10. Mint

Mount Merrion and Blackrock, more info here

Keeping things minty and fresh, Mint has created a mini cafe empire with spots in Mount Merrion and Blackrock. Serving up great coffee, hot chocolates, 99s, slushies, bubble refreshers, sandwiches and salads, in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. As for their açaí bowls, they are almost fluorescent, with a solid number of toppings to choose from (which are on the whole pretty reasonably priced). All the takeaway packaging used is fully biodegradable, including the lids and they hand out free mints for after the coffee which is super sweet.

9. Ten10 Coffee

They’ve a couple of locations across Dublin, for more info click here

Few people do açaí bowls quite like Ten10 Coffee do ’em, their açaí is vegan-friendly and gluten-free (with gluten-free granola available on request too). Rammed with flavourful and extremely fresh fruit that’s locked with flavour. The team also do pastries, and also do great coffee a perfect roast with some nice decaf options. This place gets 10/10 for their bowls, see what we did der?

8. Aura Coffee

Phibsborough’s North Circular Road, more info here

While they have coffee in their name, Aura Coffee do some incredibly solid açaí bowls perfect for fans or newbs alike. The staff were extremely welcoming, and they also do a mean flavourful coffee if you fancy a caffeine hit alongside your healthy lil bowl. 

7. Toca Tapioca House

Temple Bar’s Fleet Street, for more info click here

One of the city’s most beloved Brazilian cafes is so well known for their açaí bowls that they’ve actually brought out their own product, their branded Toca açaí tubs which you can get frozen instore and bring home to have for breakfast, lunch or tea. Definitely serve up one of the most aesthetically pleasing açaí bowls in Dublin, replete with an edible flower which really just brings the whole bowl together.

6. Póg

Multiple Locations, more info click here

While Póg is synonymous with pancakes they time and time again prove that they do a lot more than phat stacks. They serve up a couple of different types of açaí bowls, including Brazilian and condensed milk versions for a milky fruity bowl. 

5. The Juicery

George’s Street Arcade, for more info click here

Handily located in one of the most atmospheric shopping spots in the city centre, The Juicery offer fruit and veg every which way. cold pressed, juiced, smoothed and a key one for us, in an açaí bowl. Loaded with antioxidants and phytonutrients from the açai and colourful berries, and perfectly crunchy with the granola. choose your nut butter for the top, easy peazy. 

4. Grumps

Foxrock Village for more info click here

Don’t let the name deceive you, this dotey little spot in Foxrock Village will leave you the opposite of grumps. Known for their homemade gelato, shakes, Pine Cone coffee, toasties, as well as açaí bowls. It’s a colourful little spot that is a perfect stop off for a sunny weekend.

3. Off Grid Coffee

Howth village for more info click here

An excellent shout after a mosey up the Howth Cliff Walk, Off Grid Coffee serve some incredible coffee, pastries and elite açaí bowls. It’s a relaxed, dog-friendly hip little spot, which would put you in mind of a neighbourhood cafe in Sydney, where everyone surfs in the morning and hangs around nattering for hours Summer Bay style.

2. Soren & Son

Dublin 8’s Dean Street for more info click here

A dreamy little spot on the corner of a busy Dean Street, the big windows, high ceilings of Soren & Son’s scandi aesthetic put you in mind of a little pocket of Copenhagan, where everyone dresses cool and mainlines cold drip. Available for both sit-in and takeaway, alongside sensational coffee (shouts to the ‘El Salvador’ brew) and pastries, the team make up some crisp and clean açaí bowls.

1. Bean Box

Aungier Street and Greenhills

In terms of variety it’s hard to look much further than Bean Box’s extensive açaí bowl menu. Opened during the crazy days of 2020, the Bean Box burst on the scene with their stylised writing and eyecatching graphics. Their new spot on Aungier Street (converted from a Starbucks h’up!) even boasts a machine ordering system, which is a god send for the antisocial amongst us. Known for their kind, chatty service, excellent coffee and reasonably priced sweet and savoury picky, it’s a great shout if you are passing by.

As you can see, there’s plenty of Dublin spots serving up the açaí bowl. Now all you’ve got to do is find your closest one and go enjoy a smoothie bowl at your earliest convenience.

If we’ve missed anywhere that you rate give us a shout on [email protected]

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