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10th Feb 2022

Ireland’s first LEGO store is coming to Dublin this summer

Katy Thornton

lego store

Ready, Steady, Build: There’s something exciting on the way.

Nostalgia has knocked on our doors once again with the opening of a new LEGO store in Dublin this summer. This will be Ireland’s first solo LEGO shop; it aims to debut a “retailtainment” concept, where a visit to the store will be as fun as the item you buy from the store. Like visiting Hamley’s (RIP) as a child (or an adult TBH) there’s much more to do there than just shop. The new LEGO store promises “physical and digital immersive play experiences in-store“.

The new LEGO Dublin store will arrive on Grafton Street this summer, where Topman used to sit.

According to RTÉ News, Vice President of Global LEGO Retail Development Simone Sweeney says this of the new store:

“The new LEGO Store in Dublin will allow builders of all ages to be inspired by endless play possibilities and for new builders to welcome them into a new exciting journey of discovery into the LEGO universe.”

If you had any notions that you were too old to play with LEGO, now would be the time to shake them off. As if we didn’t have enough reasons to count down to summer.

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