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08th Mar 2020

3fe coffee reveals protective measures being taken against coronavirus

Sarah Finnan

no keep cups until further notice

3fe coffee has upped the ante as coronavirus concerns intensify.

A number of Dublin cafes have revealed that they will be taking extra measures to protect themselves, their customers and their staff against coronavirus with reusable keep cups being the first thing to go.

Keep cups have become more commonplace in recent years, surging in popularity as an alternative to the single-use options usually offered for takeaway drinks. A far more eco-friendly option, most cafes offer a discount on hot beverages served in keep cups – hoping to encourage customers to do what they can to cut down on waste.

However, several well-known coffee shops have stopped accepting reusable coffee cups, putting the decision down to concerns over germs and the spread of Covid-19.

Popular coffee supplier 3fe posted a statement to Instagram, outlining the steps that they will be taking in the coming weeks. As per the message, reusable cups will not be accepted until further notice.

A no-handshake policy will also in place in order to cut down on the amount of unnecessary physical contact between customers and staff.

So far, a total number of 19 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the republic. Visiting restrictions have been put in place at hospitals in the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group in a bid to stop the spread of germs.

People are reminded to ensure that they take adequate measures to protect themselves by washing their hands regularly. According to the HSE website, it can take up to 14 days for symptoms of coronavirus to appear.

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