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23rd Aug 2021

Is this the smallest coffee shop in Dublin?

Rory Cashin

Size doesn’t matter, as long as the coffee is good!

Over the course of the lockdown, coffee shops have popped up all around Dublin – as well as pretty much all of Ireland – at a very impressive rate.

We’ve seen them working out of everything from converted shipping containers to renovated horse boxes, and the people behind them are using their ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit to the absolute max to get the most out of them.

But this new coffee shop might be getting the most bang out of its buck, purely out of the sheer lack of square space available to them!

Nestled between a Spar and a hairdressers on James Street, directly facing the main entrance to James’ Hospital, you’ll find Lane Coffee, a tiny shack with just enough room for the barista, the coffee machine… and that is about it.

We’re not even entirely sure how the employee gets in and out of the place, but that doesn’t stop them from offering the usual teas and coffees and even iced lattes, and a little corner of packaged snacks if you’re looking for something to chow down on along with your drink.

But unless we’re mistaken, this might just be the smallest coffee shop in Dublin, if not all of Ireland. If you know of any others, send them on to us!

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