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27th Oct 2022

A new speciality coffee shop has opened on Aston Quay this month and it looks incredible

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Following on from the success of their Bray and Arran Quay stores, Copper+Straw is bringing their tasty speciality coffee to Dublin 2.

Great news for coffee lovers and Dublin 2 commuters! Copper+Straw’s latest café and store opened in Aston Quay earlier this month, bringing their huge range of speciality grade coffees and products to the south side of the city.

Copper+Straw’s Aston Quay café is every coffee connoisseur’s dream as they only stock and sell the best speciality grade beans. Without getting too geeky, speciality grade beans are the highest quality beans available on the market, scoring 80 or above on a standardised coffee scale. So this is about as good as it gets when it comes to coffee.

Copper+Straw has been in the business of producing premium speciality coffee for four years now, having opened their Bray store in 2018 and their Arran Quay store during the pandemic. Continuing a four-year-long partnership, Bailies Coffee will be the new café’s House Roaster, offering customers the best beans and brews available – including their stunning microlots.

If you’re not familiar with microlots, they’re pretty exceptional coffees that are only available for a month or two each year. They’re typically harvested in small batches from a single area of a farm with optimum growing conditions. They are grown, picked and processed entirely separately to the rest of the farm’s lots to amplify their special qualities.

Coffee+Straw’s Aston Quay café offer coffee-lovers four beans on espresso, two beans on filter and their very own range of signature drinks. The store also stocks several speciality coffee brands and some top-quality equipment, making it the perfect spot to stock up on whatever you need for your own at-home coffee set-up.

The new café will follow the other branch’s sleek and stylish décor, creating the perfect urban city-centre café to stop by on your commute, to catch up with a pal or to simply treat yourself to a warming brew.

Their latest Aston Quay café store is open to customers now and be sure to keep an eye on Copper+Straw’s socials to stay up to date with their incredible menu.

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