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22nd Dec 2016

22 Photos That Highlight Dublin Looking Fantastic Now That The Days Are Brighter

Alana Laverty

Did anyone else notice how beautiful and bright it was out there this morning?

Dublin looked absolutely beautiful as we regained our bright, crips mornings. It made it infinitely easier to hop out of bed and embrace the day!

To those who are enjoying their last day in work today, congratulations – we are so very jealous. 

And to the rest of you (like ourselves) who have a while left to go before you can put the legs up and enjoy Crimbo in full, fair play – you’re nearly there now! <3

1. Look at that for a reflection

2. MrEdgarAllan back at it again with some stunning pics!

3. Gorge

4. The Liffey

5. Baggot/Baguette Street

6. Fab

7. Spot the Poolbeg Towers

8. Gorgey-gorge

9. Fresh

10. Sun, glorious sun

11. Beaut

12. That sun…

13. Even the clouds look fluffier

14. While it’s definitely brighter, it’s no warmer

15. Christmas spirit

16. Samuel Beckett Bridge lookin’ fiiiiinnnnnneeee.

17. A sneaky rainbow

18. 50 shades of blue

19. Ombre sky

20. That early morning

21. Flyin’ home for Christmas

22. Beautiful

Stunning <3

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