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22nd Dec 2016

27 Things All Nineties Teens Were DYING For For Christmas


Oh, Christmas.

The most commercial time of year. Filled with toys and stocking and tasty Christmas treats. Hurray!

However, at this time, we can truly reminisce on the toys of yore, and the wonderful times we had with them. And how we wish we were still children now…

1. Bubble furniture

Every glam gals go-to.

2. Teddy backpacks

They had room for nothing but love.

3. The entire flavoured Lipsmackers collection

Couldn’t leave home without twelve.

4. Retro Air Jordans

Jordan 7 Retro Basketball Shoes

Photo cred: Life Daily

5. Jelly sandals

Which briefly came back into style not too long ago.

6. Sabrina’s Secrets



Photo cred: Ebay

7. Many many elastic bands to play THIS GAME

AKA The game of KINGS.

8. Mr. Frosty

Slushy sticky vibes.

9. Lava lamps


10. Polly Pockets

Tiny princess wonderlands.

And potentially the most losable toy of all time.

11. Buckaroo

A kicking mule who loses the plot for a living.

A world of fun.

12. Gameboys

iPhones before iPhones existed.

13. Toy cash registers

And if you were really lucky – a trolley too.

14. A walkman

The bulky pocket filler you’d always dreamed of.

Cd Walkman

Photo cred: Totally 90s

15. Alien babies

The weirdest grossest things to ever exist.

And no, they did not give birth. We refuse to believe it.

16. Furbies



17. Moon Boots

Mini trampolines for your feet. How could you not love?!

18. Beaded daisy chains

For the gardener of tomorrow, today.

How To Make Daisy Chains

Photo cred:

19. Troll dolls

Hangovers personified.

20. Super rare shiny Pokémon cards

Never too many.

21. TVs for our rooms

Still prayin’.


22. Boleros in every colour of the rainbow

To match up your outfit and cover your shoulders in your strapless debs dress.

Screen Shot 2016 12 21 At 15 21 31

Photo cred: Ebay

23. Tamagotchi

Cyber babies FTW.

24. A crimper

The longest hair prep known to man.

There may still be 90s teens crimping.

Maxresdefault 1

25. Polaroid i-Zone camera (The one that printed stickers)

Still the biggest jump in photography history known to man.

26. A filofax

Back when stationary peaked <3

My Filofax 2 Use

27. And finally, the original Nokias

Jam-packed with enough battery to last a lifetime.

Cellphone Nokia 5110 1998

Photo cred: Hongkiat

Truly the best days.


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