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26th Nov 2020

3FE and Whiplash have created a new coffee beer

Rory Cashin

The Dublin based coffee maestros and master brewers have collaborated on the new product.

Coffee. Beer. Two great things that have been kept separate for too long! But no longer! At least not by these two Irish drinks specialists.

(Yes, we know this isn’t the first ever coffee and beer combined product, but that doesn’t go with the exclamation pointing of our opening paragraph.)

3FE and Whiplash have collaborated on a new coffee beer, which they’ve called Heart of Chambers, and it is available right now.

In a statement on the new product, the creators had the following to say:

“Heart of Chambers is a Double Coffee and Oatmeal Porter brewed using all the bells and whistles our equipment can deliver to take viscosity and texture to new heights while combining the beer with extremely fresh roasted coffee taken straight from 3FE’s roastery in Dublin direct into our tanks.

“Part of the collaboration here has been for us to brew a base beer which gives breathing room to 3FE’s Kenyan blend Kiriga. We’ve made great effort to minimise our own roast contribution providing instead the low end caramels and toffees you’d expect in a big Porter while Kiriga takes centre space with all the beautiful top notes from its addition. Ground directly below the tank and added in straight away to minimise the loss of any volatiles we’ve added the coffee grind using our dry hopping techniques for a high density short contact coffee kick.”

Heart of Chambers is available on the Whiplash website, from off-licences, and available as draught at Underdog on Dame Street and The Big Romance on Parnell Street, all while stocks last.

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