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20th Dec 2016

6 Summery Craft Beers To Try On A Sunny Dublin Day – And Where To Get Them


Fancy an after-work pint today, but tired of the same ol’ black shtuff? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve assembled a list of spots to enjoy these sunny afternoons with the tastiest brews in hand.

1. Brooklyn Lager – Against the Grain

This was the first ever pub opened by The Cottage Group (Galway Bay Brewery) in Dublin 2010, and it offers rare specials that you just can’t find anywhere else in Ireland. 

It’s hard to beat their selection of crafts, as the drafts and bottles offered are endless. This place is notorious for having customers bursting out the doors and enjoying their pints in the sun.

Give a USA brew a go with the Brooklyn Lager – New York’s ‘hometown’ beer. Dry-hopped, fresh, flowery, flavourful, crisp, and light. Perfect, basically.

2. Temple Brau – Porterhouse Temple Bar

Right on the outskirts of the madness that is Temple Bar lies a multi-story haven with an extravagant craft beer selection. Porterhouse is Dublin’s first pub brewery since 1996 and now claims to produce some of “the best beers you will ever put to your lips.” Bold.

The Temple Brau is their no. 1 selling lager, brewed in Dublin for Dublin. Give it a go on this bright afternoon. 

There’s also live music 7 nights a week, so stick around for awhile for some good craic.

3. Franciscan Well Chieftain IPA – The Barge

We’ve been shouting about The Barge a lot lately, because nothing quite compares to the masses this spot brings in on the canal. Order up a summery, light beer that’ll still give you that little buzz you’re looking for while soaking up that prime sun time.

What to order? Think a rich malt sweetness brewed in our very own Cork, Ireland. It’s actually named the World Craft Beer of The Year 2015. Not too shabby.

4. Of Foam and Furry – The Black Sheep

Another Galway Bay Brewery pub, this spot is quite popular with the after-work crowd. Venture over to the Northside’s Capel Street to enjoy a rotating selection of craft ales in a relaxed, eclectic environment. 

Have a taste of the Of Foam and Furry for an aroma of big tropical fruits, sweet fruity malts, juicy citrus, and a nice bittersweet balance. Now that’ll quench the thirst.

Also, Tuesdays are the perfect night to go for a round of board games starting at 6p.m. Game on.

5. Rua Red IPA – Bar Rua

A fairly new spot we’ve been raving about lately. You could call them discriminatory, but really they’re just interested in maintaining that traditional Irish standard – red hair. Expect only those with gruaig rua to serve you a tasty pint at this joint, and don’t miss out on their selection of International Craft Beers.

In particular, treat yourself to a Rua Red IPA for a combination of caramel and red berry with a juicy tangerine top flavour. Refreshing, eh?

You’ll find it just off South William Street, outdoor seating is available and encouraged.

Bar Rua Beer

6. The White Hag Red IPA – P Mac’s

Known for their unique flavours of craft beers, good tunes and candlelit tables, P’Macs is always a buzzing spot. With plenty of reviving IPA’s and lagers to choose from, The White Hag Red IPA seems to be a hit.

Also, free snacks and board games – what more could you ask for?

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