11 Of The Best City Centre Beer Gardens In Dublin

By katedemolder

April 17, 2018 at 4:31pm



Are you currently in the mood for delicious, cold, creamy, and all round satisfying pints in an outdoor environment? Thought so.

We suggest you choose a spot from the 11 listed below and treat yo' self to some well deserved liquid treats this fine Saturday.

We're only looking out for what's best for you...

1. Toner's

The original and, some would say, the best. Get your fix in one of the original Irish pubs this eve.

2. The Long Stone

Its central location makes The Long Stone the perfect place to meet up with friends, with the layout for this garden being optimum for chit-chatting.

As well as this, the space boasts a pool table, long benches, and is well-heated for when the sun inevitably goes down, crucial for the temperamental weather we have on our little island.


3. The Living Room

Big garden, big screen, big atmosphere. Big winner.

The Living Room wins all round, pairing Irish people's love for wetting our whistles and checking out sports from around the world.

Practically a small stadium in its own right, this is a perfect spot for a few lively drinks.

4. DTwo

The mother of all beer gardens.

DTwo may bring you back to a time when you thought buying a 70cl of vodka for a casual barbecue was a good idea, but there's no denying that in here is a hub for the sort of carefree activity we crave on a Saturday.

Its sizeable garden gives it a cracking atmosphere, with the green and red lighting give the place a tropical feel.

5. House


A whopper drink selection, deadly terrace area and lightweight covering to have your back in Dublin's erratic ever-changing weather? House has it all.

It's also trendy, super chilled and suits drinks of all occasions. It's a no-brainer, really.

6. The Barge

Fresh from its new makeover, The Barge is arguably Dublin's prime location for drinks by the water. The beer garden has no limits, stretching as far as the customers trail.

7. The Bernard Shaw

Thirsty? Hungry? Mad to play pool in a graffiti-soaked wonderland? Then The Bernard Shaw is right up your alley.

The back area is the bar’s best feature, the perfect spot to chill with your mates on long benches and forget your worries.

8. The Pav


The city's biggest beer garden, The Pav is a social hub for students and non-students alike, to relax and skull cans like there's no tomorrow.

9. Ryan's

Ryan's of Beggars Bush may not be in your neighbourhood, but it's definitely worth the walk if you're in the area.

Round tables for optimum chatting possibilities, plenty of greenery to lie on and feel like a kid again, and cheery bar staff that you'll want to go drinking with. What's not to love?

10. The Church

This place is an absolute beaut – not just for drinks, but for the insanely good Gallery Restaurant, which has welcomed the likes of Bill Clinton, Macklemore and Taylor Swift through its doors. No word of a lie. Sure how could they say no, with a beer garden that looks like this?

Take us to Church!

11. And finally, The Odeon

Just off the green line Luas, hop into Odeon for some of the tastiest cocktails the city has to offer. Ample seating outside, as well as to the front and also to the side.


Spoiled for choice, so you are.