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07th Oct 2018

Seven Amazing Takeaway Suggestions For Every Conceivable Mood


Is there ever really a bad time to order a takeaway?

You’re tired, hungover, feeling lazy and you just can’t be arsed to cook something up for yourself, getting a takeaway is the only option. There’s no need to be ashamed, we’ve all been there.

But then there’s also the times where you’re having a good day and you feel like treating yourself. You deserve it so why not?

If you’re in need of a takeout fix but not quite sure what to order, don’t stress, we’ve got you sorted.

1. Sanai

This Indian restaurant does the most delicious chicken tikka masala. Their food is the perfect hangover cure.

Make sure you have a good appetite on you though, their portions are HUGE.


2. Mao

There’s nothing better than Mao when you’re looking for something that’s going to be super tasty but not really greasy.

It’s the perfect thing to order when you’re not bothered cooking but still want to eat something quite nutritious.

All their dishes are virtually fat free so you can enjoy your takeaway and feel no guilt.


3. Base

You can’t go wrong with pizza and you can never go wrong with Base. This is definitely your ‘lil treat’ takeaway.

It’s incredibly tasty and their choice of toppings are amazing. For all you meat lovers, try the Diablo, it’s delish!


4. Mushashi

You’re hungry but not ravenous enough to eat a massive feed. A salmon avocado roll would fill you quite nicely and where better to go than Mushashi.

Located in the city centre you won’t have to wait too long for the delivery either.


5. Macari’s

The humble bag of chips is a favourite amongst most people after a night out on the town.

Sometimes you just need to get a nice dirty bag of chips from chipper and we guarantee you won’t find tastier ones than in Macari’s.


6. Chopped

You’ve been hitting the gym hard all week and you’re really feeling a takeaway. Look no further than Chopped.

Their super tasty salads will keep you firmly on your health kick while also allowing you to enjoy some really great food.


7. Rocket’s

The ultimate takeaway choice when you’re in need of a sugar fix. Their milkshakes come in an array of flavours and they can be delivered right to your door.

What’s not to love?


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