7 Epic Takeaways To Choose From If You're Not Sure What To Order Tonight

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Sticky Wings

It's Thursday and the fatigue of the week has probably started to set in.

So we've decided to help you.

We've had a nose through the takeaway options you could indulge in this evening –and here are eight great picks.

1. The Diablo, Base Woodfire Pizza

Because it's the best pizza in Dublin, that's why.

Full info here.


2. Chicken Wings, Camden Rotisserie

You need flavour. And lots of it.

Full info here.


3. Pan Fried Lamb Kofta, O'Falafel

Because you're feeling exotic.

Full info here.


4. Dillingers Super Nachos

Because you're feeling decadent.

Full info here..

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5. Asian Superfood Salad, Saba To Go

Because you want to be 'good'... after... y'know... last night.

Full info here.

Saba To Go

6. Vegan Hotpot, Staple Foods

Because you want to be reeeeeeally good.

Full info here.

Staple Foods

7. Sushi Boat, Tani

Because you're a cultured mofo.

Full info here.


So, what'll it be?

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Written By

Aidan Coughlan