7 Ridiculously Gorgeous Cocktails To Order Tonight On New Year's Eve

Drink in the new year in style

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New year, new cocktails.

Drink up. 

1. Maragarita – 777 

King of the Margs - you haven't lived til you've been to 777.

And tonight all their food is €7.77 so you've no excuses not to pop in!

Margaritas and an atmosphere hotter than Mexico City - that's something to look forward to!


2. Pistachio Mustachio – The Liquor Rooms 

Is it just me or do cocktails taste better on Bank Holidays?

The Pistachio Mustachio at The Liquor Rooms tastes as unique as it sounds. Trying to describe it is impossible, so you’ll just have to get down and try it!


3. The Street Rhymer – Zozimus

An enticing blend of lime, sugar, fresh blackberries, egg whites, St Germain and Irish apple gin. 

Is this everything you've ever dreamed of – in a cocktail?


4. The Real Italian – Farrier & Draper 

Tanqueray Gin, strawberry purée, delish basil, a dash of balsamic and pink peppercorns. All topped with soda water and fresh strawberry.  

It may sound all over the place but it is a work of art.  

It shouldn't work. But it does.


5. French Martini @ Sophie's at The Dean

One sip of the French Martini at Sophie’s and you'll be instantly transported to Paris.  

No views of the Eiffel Tower but if you squint your eyes you can almost see the RTE broadcast tower.

At the end of the day they’re practically the same thing.


6. Mexican Bulldog - Xico 

The Mexican bulldog is somewhat of a trademark for Xico. 

Not only do you get a frozen margarita but you also get a bottle of Sol in it, and it tastes absolutely unreal.


7. Lavender Elyx, Café en Seine  

Lavender in a cocktail? Noootions, you say.  

Lavender is known for it's tranquil effects, so if it's a nightcap you're after this could be the perf one.

Lavender Elixer

Well, that made me thirsty.

Giz one.

Header image: Farrier & Draper 

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