9 Brilliant Date Ideas You Can Do In Dublin That Won't Cost You A Penny

By AmyBell

September 4, 2018 at 9:26pm


If you're strapped for cash it can be hard to have a normal dating life with your significant other-half - of course you want to do things together rather than staying in all the time binge watching Netflix.

There's plenty of free things happening and stuff you can do around Dublin that won't cost you a single cent.

Here's nine of the best free date ideas in Dublin...

1. Feed the ducks in St. Stephen's Green

Ok, so it won't kill a lot of time but it is something cute that you and your beau can do.

Put on your hat, scarf and gloves and take some of the left-over bread in your house to feed the little ducks in the renowned park in the heart of the city centre.

If the weather is decent you could also pack a picnic from home and eat it on a bench or sitting on the grass.

Totes cute. Just watch out for those pesky seagulls...

2. The Comedy Crunch at The Stag's Head

If you're up for a good hearty belly laugh, The Comedy Crunch do a fantastic comedy club night every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in The Stag's Head.

Doors open at 8.15pm with the show starting at 9pm and they always have a stellar line up that leaves the place packed out.

Best yet, it's free so unless you buy some drinks it's a funny night out for zero euro.

3. Go for a cycle in the Phoenix Park


Not only will you get some exercise in, you'll probably bypass many deers on your track and see some of the landmarks around the Phoenix Park.

So why not dust off your bike that has been sitting in the shed for far too long and go for a cycle with your partner?

If you've a Dublin bike membership you can cycle within the 30 minute mark and it won't cost you anything either. Score!

4. Visit the National Museum of Ireland or National Gallery

Dublin has a lot of culture and what better way to see it than visiting one of our many museums that are free?

If you're a fan of art you can see many historic pieces in the National Gallery of Ireland from Irish artists and abroad.

They also re-opened their historic wings: Dargan and Milltown wings over the summer which were shut for over six years.

If you're more into seeing artifacts from years ago, the National Museum of Ireland has plenty to offer in it's History Museum and also Arts and Decorative museum. It even bodies that were preserved in bogs.

It'll be the perfect opportunity to learn about Ireland's ancient history with your significant other half.

5. Take a stroll along The Great South Wall walk to the Poolberg Lighthouse Walk

This would be a perfect thing to do on a Sunday when you're both bored.

Walking The Great South Wall Walk all the way to the Poolberg Lighthouse Walk is quite close to the city centre so it's not too far to travel if you're driving.

The best place to start the walk is to head towards the roundabout on the southside beside the Eastlink Bridge in Ringsend.


If you take the exit directly opposite to the one leading to or from the eastlink and take the first left on to Pigeon House Road there's a turn to your right which will lead you through industrial warehouses.

Past the ESB chimneys you'll come to Sandymount strand and there's a car park that is right at the beginning of the South Wall.

6. Have a bop in Doyle's on a Friday or Saturday night

Sometimes clubs are too overcrowded and loud.

If you're looking for somewhere a little bit more quiet where you can actually hear yourself speak, Doyle's just near Trinity College is the place to check out.

You can have drinks in your house beforehand with your partner and head out into the town on a nice buzz for a dance.

The bar has a great upstairs area for a sit down (you can actually grab yourself a seat most of the time) and there's a big enough dance floor with a DJ and great music. Not ideal rocking up and not buying anything from the bar, but you could splash out on a soft drink at least to be sound.

It's always a spot I check out for a chilled night out with my other-half.

7. Make a home cooked meal

When all is lost and you don't feel like going out anywhere, nothing says 'I love you' better than a meal especially cooked for your beau.

A home cooked meal cures all woes, and you're bound to find stuff lying in your presses, fridge and freezer than you haven't used yet - so why not whip up something tasty.

If you're not really a chef in the kitchen, Supercook.com will become your best friend. It lets you put ingredients that you have into their site and it then gives you possible recipes that you can make.

Easy peasy.


8. Do some window shopping around the city centre

Sometimes just walking around and chatting with your bae is more than enough, and if the weather is quite nice out why not head towards town and just soak in all the city atmosphere.

With it coming up to Christmas the atmosphere in town will be lively and you can have a look around shops for what you'll buy when you get paid.

Why not stop by Grafton Street and listen to some buskers or head towards Grand Canal Dock and look at the view. There's plenty of spots around the city to enjoy and see.

9. Go to a free music gig in a Dublin pub or bar

There's plenty of spots around the city that usually have a live band during weekdays and the weekend.

If you fancy having a chat and listening to some music, there is usually live music in the likes of The Globe, Sweeney's and Whelan's.

If you search around you're bound to find something that might be of interest, and who knows, you might just find your new favourite band.

Will you try any of these out? It could help come the end of the month just before pay day...

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