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24th May 2017

A Brand Spankin’ New Poké Bar Has Opened In Dublin

Alana Laverty


Klaw’s Niall Sabongi, AKA the most passionate man alive, has only gone and done it again.

Knocked it out of the park.

Nailed it.

Made all of our dreams come true.

We’ve had our eyes peeled for this project for a while now…

And Klaw’s Poké bar shneakily launched on Friday and proceeded to sell out both weekend days.


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After waiting with bated breath for so long, I finally got to try their brand new dishes last night.

And I can promise you – they’re perfection.

Kicking off at 5am each morning, Niall told me they just can’t prep enough for the demand they’ve been experiencing in the last few days.

There were queues out the freakin’ door all day, errday.

Almost all seafood served is self-sourced from his other business, Sustainable Seafood Ireland, which supplies seafood to Dublin’s biggest and best restaurants.

The majority of veg is also sourced on our fine isle.

Img 1834
Img 1833
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Not only does the new Poké bar serve a ton of exciting new dishes, but it also serves all the original classics from Klaw, Temple Bar.

Getting down to the deets – they’re serving up some signature bowls:

Ahi Poké – yellowfin tuna, sunomono cucumber, edamame beans, chucka wakame seaweed, pickled ginger, brown rice base and house ponzue sauce.

Mauna Kea –  fresh Irish salmon, quinoa, avocado, house kimchi, coriander, fried onion with sriracha sauce.

Yakatori Tuna – tofu from the yakatori grill with brown rice, green leaves, radishes, salty pineapple, chilli and edamame.

Otherwise you can build your own! Choose from the likes of octopus, crab, shrimp and lobster – together with your choice of grain and other healthy toppings.

Img 1875
Img 1874
Img 1873

Other highlights of the menu include yakitori octopus and their clams and mussels.

Oh – not to mention their famous rolls – a must-try.

And did I mention they stock some of the best beers available in Dublin? All the way from Hawaii no less.

Img 1885
Img 1886
Img 1888
Img 1889
Img 1879

Now that this major project is finito, Niall has set his sights on opening a second Poké Bar – in an incredible Dublin 2 location which we can’t reveal just yet.

But expect great things.

On another note – Klaw’s staff are, and always have been, such legends. And they’re now spread across both locations, so all staff have a go at both Klaw, Temple Bar and Klaw Poké.

Livin’ the dream.

The Poké bar will soon open its doors for breakfast and brunch too – expect massive, dirty bacon and egg sambos, the banana bread of your dreams and acai bowls with all the trimmings.

Oh, and booze.

Img 1853
Img 1835

For those hitting up Klaw Poké over the next few weeks – ask about their special bottles of magic water.

Buy the bottle once, infused with delish fruit and herbs, and return for free refills everytime you grab lunch. Sure, they even have sparkling water on tap.

Deadly idea.

Img 1864

Klaw Poké is also dog-friendly – so bring the whole fam.



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Many more exciting projects to come from these guys – so buckle up.

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