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22nd Apr 2018

A Dublin Girl Tweeted About A Bizarre Moment She Experienced After A Takeaway Was Delivered To Her Home This Week


You know how it is, when the weekend rolls round sometimes you just wanna hole up at home and make yourself completely comfortable.

We’re talking entire days spent indoors where in you’re in your PJs, binging on Netflix and getting takeaways. It’s one of the best things in the world, to be perfectly honest.

Just a few days ago, Dublin girl G was having a similarly leisurely evening in when she decided to get herself an ol’ curry chip, an excellent choice, delivered to her door. 

Now in scenarios like this you’re average person is not likely to be in presentable state — think bathrobes, fluffy slippers and whatnot — and G was no exception. 

Here’s what happened when the delivery guy arrived…

Honestly we’re not even sure how we feel about this.

What are your thought? Let us know in the comments.

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