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29th Dec 2017

A Judge Has Described Temple Bar As A “Disgrace To Ireland”

James Fenton

Dublin District Court has been told that Temple Bar is a “disgrace to Ireland, is covered in vomit and is a scene of constant brawling.”

The Irish Independent reports that the comments were made by Judge Anthony Halpin who was presiding over a case in which two men were involved in a brawl outside The Czech Inn in the area. 

Addezine Baho from Balbriggan and another man had to be separated by security after Mr. Baho was punched in the face before he began to kick the other man on the ground. 

Dismissing the case, Judge Halpin said that the other man was the “motivating person in this thuggery” and noted that, instead of stepping into help, bystanders merely began “shadow boxing” while watching events unfold. 

He said of Temple Bar:

“I think it’s nothing short of a disgrace.

“Temple Bar is a disgrace to Ireland. You go up there first thing in the morning over any weekend and you see vomit and puke.

“These brawls are going on constantly.”

The incident occurred at 4am on May 21 2016.

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