A Massive Meteor Shower Will Be Visible In Irish Skies Tonight If This Storm Ever Fecks Off

When you wish upon a star...

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While we're currently suffering at the hands of Storm Barney, once the storm passes we can expect a beautiful display in Irish skies.

According to Astronomy Ireland, the The Leonid meteor showers are the result of Earth passing through a cloud of dust left behind Comet Tempel-Tuttle, and they happen every year around this time.

Astronomy Ireland are calling on people to take part in a 'Nationwide Leonid Watch', so if you're lucky enough to spot any meteors tonight they're requesting that you count how many meteors you see every 15 minutes and email them the results.

The best night to watch for The Leonids was in fact last night, but you would have been hard pushed to spot anything other than people blowing away. Both tonight and tomorrow night also look promising though, so get out there away from city lights this evening if you can!

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