These Photos And Videos Prove That Storm Barney Is Ripping The Arse Out Of Dublin

Travel safely folks


It feels like winter is well and truly upon us now as we get battered by the dreaded Storm Barney.

The tempest with the unassuming name is going to play havoc with commuters this evening and it's not a night for being out and about by any means.

Social media is starting to light up with photos and videos of the storm as it batters Dublin and we gathered up some of the most striking ones below...

Dún Laoghaire port starting looking seriously choppy even inside the walls

Which then escalated into this

The Garda released this video with one of their patrol cars having a very near miss

Blanchardstown damage

Be careful out there! Severe weather warning in place!! Damage caused to Garda Burglary Response car in Blanchardstown on November 12th in high winds - expect the unexpected and drive safely if travelling in such conditions

Posted by An Garda Síochána on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Only a few flower pots but still a pain in the arse to clean up

Walking anywhere is a disaster

Watch the bins!

Flying has just gotten a bit scarier

Not a day to be out in Dublin bay

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