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29th Dec 2017

A U.S. Based Dublin Priest Has Won €500,000 On The Euromillions While Home For Christmas

James Fenton

An Irish priest living in Florida has won €500,000 on the Euromillions Plus draw while visiting home for Christmas. 

Dublin Live reports that the retired cleric picked up the winning ticket at Donnybrook Fair in Malahide. He had been home visiting relatives in Dublin for Christmas.

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The generous Father revealed that he intends to share his new-found wealth by saying:

“I suppose you can say I am lucky. But I have always had a policy of sharing my luck around. That is something that my late mother taught me, and something that was also drummed into me when I was a young priest by a Bishop.”

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He added:

“I am a big believer that what goes around comes around. This is a huge amount of money and I look forward to giving some back.”

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A truly charitable gesture, unlike a certain shady priest we’re all familiar with. We’re sure the money will be resting in his account for a little while at least.

(header pic credit: Channel 4)

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