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Dublin Driver’s Valid Excuse For Quick Parking Shows Clampers Have A Heart

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We’re sure that this driver would have gladly taken the parking and clamping fine today – possibly the greatest day of his life so far – but clampers in the capital had other ideas anyways.

This picture was taken on lower Mount Street and was sent into Lovin’ Dublin by one of our readers. 

As Dilly was passing by this car on Friday morning, she saw a note inside the window which said: “Sorry if late back. Wife having baby.” followed by a smiley face and an extra sorry at the bottom of the note.

The note didn’t go unnoticed by the main people of the parking services who were quick to write a reply note to the person in question.

As Dilly returned, she saw the second note on the outside of the window, stuck underneath the windscreen of the car which stated: 

“From Dublin street parking services we wish your wife easy birth and congrats!”

Dublin Clamp Baby April 13

Dilly told Lovin’ that there is still “No clamp! And the cars still there [and has been] for the last couple of hours, I’ve just passed it again!”

That’s one way of being excused for abandoning your car anyways.

Thanks to Dilly Cramp for sending this our way. If you want to get in touch with us, please feel free to send a message on our Facebook page.

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