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PICS: Map Shows Astonishing Amount Of Airbnb’s In Dublin And How Much The Owner Of Them Is Getting For It

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It’s amazing to see the amount of Airbnb’s that now suffocate Dublin.

A group called ‘WhereBnb‘ have put together this infographic map and the whole of Dublin City is covered.

The yellow represents the location of an Airbnb and you can’t actually see anything else on the map in some places.

A lot of effort has gone into this and it’s a real eye opener.

One person earns over €6,000 a day between their ’44’ different Airbnbs.

Airbnb Dublin 1

€6,000… a day.

That’s, and I only got a C3 in Pass Maths, a maximum of €42,000 a week, €168,000 a month or €2,184,000 for the year if they were to fill the rooms every day which is a high possibility.

Airbnb Dublin 3

Landlords in Dublin are now facing a ban on Airbnbs after it was found that more than 3,000 homes in the capital are available for short-term lets with 1,200 available for long term.

Housing Minister, Eoghan Murphy is planning to stop landlords from putting rental properties on the site in order to crack down on ‘Home-sharing’.

“Home-sharing, when it works, means a family going on holiday can let out their entire home and help pay for that holiday,” Murphy said according to The Times.

“What we don’t want is people removing long-term lets from the market and getting an unfair advantage in an unregulated short-term letting market when we have a housing crisis and severe pressures, particularly in urban areas.”

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