This Northside Dublin Suburb Is The Subject Of A Controversial Dutch Documentary

The documentarian describes it as a place "where young people terrorise the area"

Dublin Doc Smithfield

This Dutch documentary about a north Dublin suburb has been a huge talking point online.

It's called "Danny in The Suburbs" and follows a documentarian from Amsterdam who goes to different suburbs all around Europe to look at their culture and way of life.

The commentary is in Dutch which makes for difficult translation but the filmmaker, Danny Ghosen, walks out of the famous 'The Cobblestone' pub at the start which indicates that it's in or near Smithfield.

The documentarian describes this place as somewhere where "young people terrorise the area and young mothers are put on the street."

It shows the opinions of young and old and talks about drugs, prison, stabbings, being a single parent, growing up in the area and boxing.

A lot of the documentary is fixed on the young people who talk about how "people moved out [of the area] because they couldn't take it anymore" and how "the creepy-crawlies come out at night".

It also shows a group of lads hi-jacking a car with a hand-made key and using the phrase "your key, any car".

While the documentary may highlight a "rough side" of Dublin, one single mother in particular said that the area was a nice place to live if you keep your head down, keep yourself to yourself and mind your kids.

It's just under 40 minutes long and can be found here.

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