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01st Jan 2018

Al Porter Has Received Support After Recent Allegations Against Him

James Fenton

A Dublin bishop has spoken out in support of comedian Al Porter, the Irish Mirror is reporting.

Porter (24) has seen his career go to tatters after allegations of sexual misconduct on his part emerged in late November. 

Now, Auxiliary Bishop of Dublin Eamonn Walsh has spoken out in support of the shamed star, saying that he hoped Al could ‘feel free and welcome to make us laugh again’.

In an annual Christmas message, Bishop Walsh didn’t refer to Porter directly but said he hoped that:

“We allow justice to take its course, and not usurp it through public condemnation, humiliation and sentence without trial.

“May heads on plates be off the menu in 2018. May the darkness that was visited on our local comedian, before justice to all could be processed, be replaced with balance, proper proportion and fair play, so that he may feel free and welcome to make us laugh again.”

Rory Cowan, Al Porter’s replacement in the Olympia Panto, has backed Bishop Walsh in a tweet in which he says his words needed to be said.

Porter left his role in the panto on the back of the allegations as well as his radio job on Today FM and his presenting job on TV3’s Blind Date.

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