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11th Aug 2020

Anyone called Lisa can get free pizza in Dublin this week

James Fenton

If you see Lisa Kudrow and Leonardo DiCaprio dining together in Phibsboro this week, calm down because you haven’t just stumbled upon the tabloid scoop of the year.

Nope, the two Hollywood A-listers would most likely just be availing of the free pizza that’s on offer for all Lisas and Leonardos at The Back Page until Friday. The Phibsboro venue has been running its first name specials for quite some time now and Lisa and Leonardo are the latest people whose names can secure them a free pizza.

Leonardos are probably a bit rarer than Lisas in Dublin but if you happen to know anyone with either of these names, be sure and let them know. Of course, if Mr. DiCaprio did fancy rocking up to Dublin 7, he’ll have to quarantine first. And as for Varadkar, we all know Leonardo isn’t your real name, okay?

Check out the pizza menu at The Back Page here and don’t forget to bring your ID.

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