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22nd Feb 2021

Bad Bobs shares throwback video of crowded bar and we’re emotional

Brian Dillon

Bad Bobs shares throwback video of crowded bar and we're emotional

Ah, lads, we’re not able for this. Beloved Temple Bar pub Bad Bobs has shared a video of their crowded bar on their social media pages, throwing it back to life before the pandemic and social distancing. 

While it’s important that we follow current guidelines and maintain our distance, we can’t help but think about the day when we eventually get to go out, dance, sing and have a jolly ol’ time in a crowded bar.

Posting the video to Facebook and Instagram, Bad Bobs wrote, “A long long time ago in a faraway galaxy when social distancing didn’t exist…. god how we miss this. It’s not even about the drinks, it’s about the atmosphere, the craic, the wink, the nod… we’ll be back once again with open arms awaiting your company. In the meantime don’t forget what once was, check out the video to refresh your memory”.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee has been speaking this morning about plans to extend pub opening hours. The Government hopes that the move will help with the sector’s recovery when Covid-19 restrictions are eased or lifted entirely.

In an interview with Newstalk Breakfast, McEntee said that “It is not about encouraging people to go out late on a Sunday night and then having to get up for work on Monday morning, it’s about reforming our licensing laws and modernising them for the very reason that some of them are still based on 1833 legislation. It is about acknowledging that our clubs and nightclubs in our city centres and our large towns and villages are still working off legislation and acts that started back in 1935.”

Nightclubs and ‘wet pubs’ have been closed since March 2020. Over the weekend An Taoiseach Micheál Martin said that the hospitality sector is unlikely to open until midsummer.

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