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04th Apr 2018

PIC: Dublin Toy Shop Releases Statement Following Pro-Life Leaflets Found In Catalogues

Darragh Berry

Banba Toymaster – located on Mary Street – has had to issue a statement on Social Media following the discovery of more than just toys in their latest catalogue.

The company took to Facebook to issue a warning and an official line about the added leaflets which had been inserted into their catalogues.

The leaflets were allegedly supporting and disseminating ideas surrounding the Pro-Life campaign.

The toy store warned parents to check their latest catalogue to ensure that their children didn’t get to see any graphic images that the leaflet might contain.

The statement said:

“It has been reported to us that our Catalogue Distribution company have been distributing other material not suitable for children along with our Catalogue. 

“This has happened without our consent or prior knowledge. We apologise for any upset caused.

“PLEASE, PLEASE check the Catalogue for any inserts not suitable before handing it to your child.”

People were furious that the mix-up was allowed to happen by the distributing company…

“I saw it and it was anti choice, full of untruths and really not suitable for my 9 year old. I love Banba so not blaming them but pretty sly move from campaigners.”

It was an anti-abortion leaflet. Thankfully I got my hands on it before my child did as he loves Toymaster. Wtf were the distributors thinking?!”

Toymaster Pro Life

Image via: Mar Radford

“COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. whatever your believes, there is a time and place…”

“Thank you for addressing this. We unfortunately received that leaflet, luckily I was aware that it was a possibility and managed to take the catalogue off my 5 and 3 year old before they were subjected to it. I hope you have made it clear to your distributors that this is completely unacceptable.”

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