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20th Jul 2020

Calls for DCC to implement colour-coded system for pedestrianised streets

Sarah Finnan


The system which was first seen over in Lisbon has impressed local Dublin business owners who have made calls for DCC to implement a similar idea in Dublin.

The Portuguese capital of Lisbon unveiled a swanky new colour-coded street system earlier this month. Impressing both those at home and abroad, one Dublin business owner has even called for a similar model to be rolled out across the city.

With many businesses in the hospitality industry looking to make use of outdoor seating as an answer to Covid-19 and social distancing regulations, authorities have turned their attention to pedestrianising busy areas of the city to accommodate this. However, this comes with its problems, one of which is alerting drivers to newly pedestrianised areas.

Hoping to make it easier for drivers to recognise traffic-free zones all of the pedestrian areas in Lisbon have been painted bright blue, also bearing the words ‘a rua é sua’ which translates to ‘the street is yours’.

A very simple idea at its core, it serves the dual purpose of making pedestrianised areas easily recognisable while bringing a splash of colour to the city’s streets – also cancelling out the need for bulky signage that can often block pathways and cause more harm than good.

Impressing the team at Ukiyo, owners retweeted an image of the setup suggesting that the streets of Dublin be painted olive green. Dublin City Council, what say you?

Header image via Shutterstock/Grafton Street, Dublin 

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