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20th Mar 2018

Calls Made For Luas To Provide Alternative Transport Due To Overcrowded Trams

James Fenton

Green Party Deputy Leader Catherine Martin has called on the Government to sanction alternative transport to counter the issue of overcrowded Luas trams, The Irish Times reports. 

New, longer trams were taken off the Luas lines last week after being introduced in February due to the discovery of a fault in the system and now Ms. Martin has called on the National Transport Authority to provide buses for passengers who are unable to board. 

There have been particular problems on the Green Line between Ballaly and Ranelagh and there are now “crisis situtations” at rush hour, according to Ms. Martin. 

She said:

“The situation for commuters is going from bad to worse. The latest announcement will aggravate and compound commuters’ frustration, anger and safety concerns. I have been inundated with complaints received from constituents who are exasperated with the current quality and reliability of the Luas service.

“At this stage there are also grave safety concerns for commuters both on the platforms and on crammed trams. Accessibility for wheelchair users and parents with buggies is next to impossible.

“The Minister for Transport has referred to these issues as teething problems, but it is now over three months since the cross-city Luas was launched, and these problems are getting worse day by day.

“Buses should be provided for commuters where trams are consistently delayed or too full until the problems in respect of this service, once celebrated for its reliability and quality, are resolved.”

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