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16th Mar 2018

New Longer Luas Trams ‘Withdrawn’ After Just Five Weeks Of Being In Service


The new 55-metre Luas trams have been taken out of service today after a fault was discovered in the system. 

The Irish Times reports that the National Transport Authority (NTA) has said the longer trams, which were only introduced in February, are undergoing checks. 

The new longer Luas trams have been withdrawn from service following the discovery of a fault in the system.

“Every effort is being made to identify what that fault is and to bring those back into service,” NTA chief executive Anne Graham said today.

“There’s no doubt that it’s a longer journey now because of the Luas Green Line extension which does impact on the number of trams that are available. But the longer trams were supposed to bring the capacity back up to the same level, she said.

“We would recognise that it has been a sub-optimal service delivery in the last number of months, but we’re working tirelessly to address what those issues are.”

The long trams are expected to be back in service in May and a new timetable will then be put into place.

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